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5 Tips for computer eye strain reliefAdd subheading (1)
5 Tips for computer eye strain reliefAdd subheading (4)
5 Tips for computer eye strain reliefAdd subheading
5 Tips for computer eye strain reliefAdd subheading (1)
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Learn how to get rid of puffy eyes!

Puffy eyes are certainly a pain, especially when the old ‘lack of sleep’ excuse just doesn’t seem to fit. According to research, ...

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Discover the timelessly luxurious elegance of the Dior optical collection for women

The French luxury goods company Dior, founded in 1995 by Christian Dior, is a worldwide phenomenon. Delivering high-end, high-quality ...

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Designer eyewear for him and for her on Valentine’s day

Soon, hearts will be expected to flutter; purse strings will be tugged at, and romance will seep into your airways…yes, it’s time ...


Will I damage my eyes if I don’t wear sunglasses?

Can you damage your pretty eyes by neglecting to wear sunglasses? In short, (no point skirting around this fact), the answer is: yes. Now time for an elaboration: There has long been active discussion, since the dawn of time it seems, surrounding the necessity of sunglasses with respect to ...

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Have you seen the colour variety of the Chanel 4189TQ?

Founded in 1909, French-born fashion-house Chanel has evolved to be the absolute epitome of luxury within the very elite sectors of the fashion industry. Chanel revolutionised the high-fashion world and today they are revered on a global scale for their production of couture garments, perfume and, of ...

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Take a look at the latest release from Dior: Dior Umbrage!

French luxury goods brand Christian Dior has been, since its emergence onto the fashion scene in 1945, mastering the art of fashion accessories, creating designs that are of the highest quality and that also lead the way with stylistic trends. Adored for their ready-to-wear clothing lines, ...


Top 10 Black Friday shopping tips to get the best deals

The magic of Black Friday is almost akin to the magic of Christmas (almost). In any case, it is certainly something we look forward to with anticipate hearts and loosened purse strings. Black Friday presents you with the opportunity to bag yourself countless bargains, to purchase the items you may ...