The Armani EA 9670

by Fashion Eyewear on April 2, 2012

The Armani EA 9670

This post is all about the Armani EA 9670.

Emporio Armani is well known for its modern glamour as opposed to luxurious glamour like the Giorgio Armani brand.

The brand has had many famous faces featured in its campaigns such as Megan Fox, Victoria Beckham and David Beckham. Emporio Armani is more affordable than Giorgio Armani although the quality of the two brands are consistent.

The Armani EA9670 is a model from the female eyewear collection of Emporio Armani. Women’s eyewear tend to be more slimmer and curved than men’s eyewear. The slightly oval frame shape of these glasses gives them a feminine appeal, and the colours available enhances that femininity. As the frames are not fully oval, the shape will work well with most face shapes. The straight lines of the temples are softened by the frame shape.

Women who prefer angular frames should still be pleased with these glasses. To make the frames appear more masculine, think about the choice of colour; the EA9670 comes in blue, red-white, black-lilac and violet-pink. Whether you want a masculine appeal or a feminine appeal, pick the right colour and you’ll nail the look. The black-lilac is the most popular choice for this model however if you want to be a bit more daring, go for the racy red. It beautifully compliments the white on the inside of the temples giving you a stunning red frame with a twist.

The Armani EA 9670 is a metal frame. The metal material is what makes the frames look sleek and sophisticated. The glasses are completed with a matte finish which really helps the frames stand out. Metal frames are also more durable and scratch resistant in comparison to plastic frames and acetate frames. Adjustable nose pads are common with metal frames; the pads can be adjusted to fit perfectly on high and low nose bridges. This is harder to accomplish on plastic frames as they don’t have adjustable nose pads.

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