The Carrera 7554 Review

by Fashion Eyewear on April 30, 2012

The Carrera 7554

Take a look at the stunning Carrera 7554. It’s ultra-slim and super sleek design is appealing to both men and women who wear glasses.

These optical glasses are unisex so they do actually cater to the male and female audience. The brand’s philosophy is all about living life in the fast lane with their Carrera eyewear accompanying them through their adventurous life experiences.

The design of the Carrera 7554 looks modern. The thin frame arms give a sporty appearance to the glasses which reflects the brand’s image. The semi-rimless frame setting is always a popular choice for both sexes and the rectangle frame shape is a shape that suits most faces. With a semi-rimless setting, it’s advised that you opt for a higher index lens (minimum 1.6 index) as they are lighter and thinner than standard lenses. The right lenses for you will depend on your prescription strength.

The style of the frame would suit those who live fast and need their eyewear to live up to their standards. If you live your life to the fullest, you will need your glasses to provide you with the best visual performance possible so you don’t miss out on anything. Lenses should always be protected with a lens coating to ensure they last long and keep your eyes healthy. An anti-scratch/anti-glare coating is highly recommended over scratch resistant lenses if you wear your optical glasses for general use.

With your Carrera 7554 frames, there are 6 colour choices you can pick from. The majority of the colours can be worn by men and women; the gunmetal black frame is the most popular choice for this model. The violet frame is stunning and would also look good on both sexes (maybe more on a woman) as the hue would really bring out your complexion and eyes. The colour choices also enhance the frame’s sporty appeal.


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