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by Fashion Eyewear on April 12, 2012

Once you’ve chosen the frame you want to order you will need to click the ‘ADD LENSES’ button. You will then see a series of drop-down boxes with required fields to complete.

Please make sure you fill in all of the sections and double-check that the information you have entered is correct. When selecting your frame size, some models will offer more than one selection. Pick the one that is closest to your measurements; if you don’t understand what the frame sizes mean, see below.

When you’re ready, change the quantity amount (if necessary) then click ‘ADD TO CART’ to proceed to the checkout page.

Frame Size Guide

Once we receive your prescription and have ordered your lenses, we are unable to make any prescription changes. If you do not notice that you’re prescription is incorrect until after we have received your order, you may be liable to pay for your new prescription lenses.

Where To Find Your Frame Size

If you already have a pair of prescription glasses, you can find your frame size on the inside of the frame arm. Sometimes you can find your frame size on the side of the nose pad. All measurements are in millimetres (mm).

Frame Size Guide

CHANEL:  Brand name
3229-Q:  Model name
c.555: Colour name

51-17: Frame size (This is what you’ll need, when adding your prescription online)
135: Frame arm length/side length



Frame Size Guide

Referring to the image above, you will notice that the frame size has two sets of digits (51-17).

The first set of digits represents the lens size
Eg. 51 = 51mm
The second set of digits represents the DBL
Eg. 17 = 17mm


Frame Size Guide

When ordering online, you will sometimes find the measurement for the side length. If you don’t see a measurement for the side length, don’t panic.

Most manufacturers have a set length however this can be altered. If you know that you’ll need your side length altering, please contact us to speak to our Customer Service team.

How Your Frames Should Fit

The bridge of the frame should sit on your nose bridge without any gaps. If you find that there is a gap between your frame and your nose, you will need to have your glasses adjusted.

Frame Size Guide

Metal Frames: The hinges of the nose pads are easily adjustable however you should leave this to the professionals. Visit your local opticians who can adjust your frames, usually without a charge.

Acetate Frames: With acetate frames, adjusting the nose area is difficult. This is why it is strongly recommended that you visit us or your local opticians to try on the frames before you buy.

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tj June 28, 2012



Nathan May 13, 2013

Hello Alieen,

We really appreciate your comment and are pleased that our post was enjoyable and helpful.

Kind regards,



Erin August 13, 2013

I finally found the exact frames that I want from Chanel but I am concerned that they will be too big for me as I have been having terrible trouble finding petite frames for my small head. I had my eyes tested a few days ago & I have to wear them all the time so I want them to be just right. I know that you have given info on measurements etc but I am still a little unsure. My problem seems to be the size of the gap between the sides of head & the arms. Any help would be appreciated thanks


Sarah August 13, 2013

Hi Erin,
the best thing would be to give a call to one of our optical advisors so that they can talk you through the various options. The number is 0208 987 2400. Hope you’ll going to find a nice pair of glasses soon that fit perfectly!


Erin August 13, 2013

Thank-you I hope so too. I will definitely give them a call this week. Thanks again


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