How To Find The Right Frame Size For You

by Fashion Eyewear on March 1, 2012

How To Find Out Your Frame SizeWhen it comes to buying glasses online, you might not know what frame size is right for you.

This can be very difficult especially if you don’t understand what all the numbers mean, or what they relate to.

Knowing your frame size is essential when buying online because your order cannot be processed properly without the correct information. This simple guide with images will show you how to read your frame measurements and find the right frame size for you.


If you already have a pair of prescription eyewear, you will have your frame size etched either on the inside of the frame arms, the nose bridge, or at the end of the frame arm. The example below is the Dior BLACKTIE 114; all frame size measurements are measured in millimetres (mm).


Using the example above, the etching on the frame arm has a series of numbers. This may look confusing at first but its pretty simple. Here is a breakdown of what those numbers mean:

  • The ‘CD114′ represents the model name (Dior BLACKTIE114)
  • The ’086′ represents the colour name (086 Dark Havana)
  • ’52-16′ is the most important measurement; the first digit represents the lens size, and the second measurement represents the DBL which is the bridge size.
  • The last numbers ’180′ represents the frame arm length (side length)

When selecting your frame size at Fashion Eyewear, you may notice that there is no side length measurement. This is because the side length is the standard manufacturer’s length and only comes in one length. However, you can have the side length altered to fit you if the length is too long. Different brands may slightly vary their arm length measurement. If you are unsure about what measurement you need, you can contact our Customer Service team.

How To Find The Right Frame Size For You



Some people may not know whether their chosen frames will sit right on their nose bridge. If you are confused, here are some examples of how your frames should look on you.

How To Find The Right Frame Size For You

How To Find The Right Frame Size For You

How To Find The Right Frame Size For YouYour glasses should sit on the bridge of your nose without any gaps. If you do find that there is a gap between your bridge and the frame, you will need to have your glasses adjusted to fit better.

Adjustable nose pads are an option for those with lower bridges or smaller noses.

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