The Top 5 Coatings For Your Glasses

by Fashion Eyewear on December 7, 2011

1. Scratch Resistance

Scratch resistant coatings are the most basic but one of the most important lens coatings. These often will come as standard due to the fact uncoated lenses can be easily damaged. Scratch resistant coated lenses will prevent both light abrasion and deep scratching from occurring on your lenses. Damage can easily be caused otherwise, such as during improper cleaning, leaving the glasses lens down, dropping the glasses or putting them in a bag with other items. The surface hardness is derived from the polymerisation of polysiloxane compounds. Scratch resistant coatings are guaranteed for two years, so there’s really no reason not to get them. If an uncoated lens is damaged, it may cost you a reasonable amount of money to replace. Prevention is better than cure.

 2. Anti-Reflection / Anti-Glare

Anti-relective coatings are another option that are recommended to everyone. The primary purpose of an anti-glare coating is to make glasses appear more attractive. Uncoated lenses will reflect light visibly, so your eyes may be hidden or obscured to anyone looking at you, or in photographs. Anti-glare lenses decrease this reflection. A more practical use is the fact they noticeably produce less glare when driving at night or using a computer monitor, so this coating is especially recommended to office workers. Both of these activities can leave eyes feeling tired, so an anti-glare coating will eliminate this.

3. Smudge Resistance

 A smudge-resistant coating will do just as it says. Marks such a fingerprints will not show up on the lens, allowing you to have a clear vision throughout the day. The science behind the technology is that the anti-smudge layer was developed by using perfluorinated polymers which are applied directly after the final antireflection layer using a vacuum deposition process. This may sound complicated, but what it means is unmatched clarity of vision when it comes to your glasses.

4. Water Repellence

A water repellent coating literally stops water droplets from sticking to the lenses. The hydrophobic performance of the lens is achieved by having a very slight angle (the smaller the more effective – around 6 degrees) which effectively lets the water slide down and off. This option is perfect for those that wear their glasses at all times, as rain can often be a nuisance that obscures your vision. Those who don’t wear glasses don’t have to suffer the annoyance of water droplets in their line of vision, so why should you?

5. Dust Repellence

Dust repellence is a fantastic coating which literally repels dust and dirt and stops any particles sticking to your lenses. This makes your glasses easier to clean as well as better to look through without any annoying dust particles in your line of vision or out of the corner of your eye. This is achieved with an anti-static layer which is virtually impossible for dust to stick to. This is a fantastic option for anyone who wears glasses for any reason, as dust is always in the air around you and can stick to your lenses.


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