Which Lens Thickness Is Right For You?

by Fashion Eyewear on February 29, 2012

Which Lens Thickness is Right for You?

Thick Lenses Are Now A Thing Of The Past Thanks To High Index Lenses

When buying glasses online you may be inclined to buy the thinnest lenses for your frames. However, do you really need to purchase the thinnest lenses?

The answer is simple; it depends on your prescription range.

If your prescription is low then investing in thinner lens may not be necessary. This simple guide will help you to choose the right lens thickness. The thickness of a lens is represented as an index number.


Which Lens Thickness is Right for You?

Fully Rimmed Frames Draw Attention To The Wearer's Eyes

1.5 Index

  • These are the standard plastic lenses used for lenses
  • It is a lightweight material but strong making it a durable lens material
  • 100% UVB protection and 90% UVA protection
  • Not suitable for rimless or semi rimless frames

Best for: Low prescriptions (up to +/-2.00) in a fully rimmed frame

1.6 Index

Which Lens Thickness is Right for You?

Semi Rimless (Supra) Seems Invisible To Others

  •  Up to 35% thinner and 40% lighter than the 1.5 lens
  • Tough enough for all frame types; full rim, semi, and rimless
  • 100% UV protection

Best for: Mid-range prescriptions (up to +/-3.50) in all frames or low prescriptions in a supra/rimless frame

1.67 Index

  •  Up to 45% thinner and 45% lighter than the 1.5 lens
  • Works best in rimless and semi rimless frames
  • 100% UV protection

Best for: High mid-range prescriptions (up to +/-5.00) in all frames.

Which Lenses Suit Your Prescription?

Rimless Frames Create The Illusion Of Not Wearing Any Glasses

1.74 Index

  • Up to 60% thinner than the 1.5 lens
  • The thinnest plastic lens material available – first choice for high prescriptions
  • 100% UV protection
Best For: High prescriptions (over +/- 5.00) in all frames


The standard 1.5 (usually free) can be good for you if you have a low prescription and choosing a fully rimmed frame. If you decide to go for a 1.5 lens, always add coatings to protect your lenses from damage.

If you have a higher prescription or wish to purchase supra or rimless frame; it is recommended that you invest in a thinner lens (minimum 1.6 index).

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Daniel August 24, 2012


If my power is -3, and I wanna go for a plastic frame glass. Which index would you then recommend for me? Is 1.6 the best option or could I just go for 1.5 the cheapest?


Nathan August 28, 2012

Hi Daniel.

Thanks for your query.
If the frame you want is a fully rimmed frame then you are able to get away with the 1.5 index lenses. If the frame is a semi-rimless or rimless, go for the 1.6 index lenses because they won’t put any stress on the frames. The 1.6 index lenses offer excellent visual acuity and clarity so if you plan to wear your glasses daily, these lenses would be ideal for you.
If you need any further assistance with your query, please contact us at info@fashioneyewear.co.uk or call us on 020 8987 2400 and we’d be happy to assist you.

Kind regards,


p.drury September 17, 2012

hi, i am thinking of having my old frames reglazed,my prescription is minus 1o both eyes,will 1.61 lenses be suitable or will they be too thick if so how thick will they be


Nathan September 18, 2012


Without going too much into your prescription, a reading of minus 1 in both eyes may be fine for 1.6 lenses. 1.6 lenses are actually thinner and lighter than standard 1.5 lenses so you don’t need to worry about your lenses being thick.

If you could kindly contact us on 0208 987 2400 or email info@fashioneyewear.co.uk one of our prescription lenses advisors would be happy to go over your options with you.

Kind regards,


p.drury September 18, 2012

hi, my prescription is minus ten in both eyes not minus one which i put,will 1.61 lenses still be ok in semi rimmed frames ,thanks


Nathan September 18, 2012


I sincerely apologise for the misunderstanding. For minus 10, 1.74 lenses would be the best choice for you. As you have a high prescription, you will need the thinnest lenses for semi-rimmed frames. Please note, this is only a general guideline.

Our prescription lenses team would be able to offer you more specific advice on your lens options. You can use our Live Chat service on the website to chat to a member of staff.

Kind regards,


Shirl February 13, 2013

I’m a varifocal wearer: +1.5 in one eye and +2 in the other with an add of +2.5. Which lens would be suitable 1.6 or 1.67? And in sunglasses would I be OK with 1.5? Many thanks


Nathan February 14, 2013

Hello Shirl.
Unfortunately you have reached the Marketing Department. For optical expert advice we suggest you e-mail your question to our friendly customer service team at info@fashioneyewear.co.uk they will be able to assist you with any queries/concerns you have regarding your lenses etc.

I hope this has been helpful.
Leyla (Fashion Eyewear Marketing Department)


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