The Gucci GG2902 Review

by Fashion Eyewear on July 16, 2012

The Gucci GG2902

This post is all about the Gucci GG2902. This high-end luxury brand has an international fan following. The GG2902 is one of the brand’s bestselling models of the season. The sleek, sophisticated frame comes in a range of modern and classic colours to choose from.

A beautiful combination of metal and acetate; these frames are very distinct and different from other Gucci glasses in the optical collection. This model is perfect for those who want all the benefits a metal frame can offer but with acetate frame arms. The adjustable nose pads on the Gucci GG2902 glasses will help to provide a better fit, especially for those with low bridges or small noses. The acetate frame arm is warm to the touch; its properties come from the derived organic materials which acetate is made from (usually cotton flowers or wood).

The rectangle frame style compliments the classic, sophisticated look of the brand; its design is highly glamorous and would suit individuals who have an eye for detail and love for luxury items. All of the brand’s eyewear comes in a hard case or a soft case to protect the glasses from damage. To go a step further, it’s advisable that you invest in premium lenses or special coatings for the best lens protection, performance and visual acuity. Those with a high prescription of +/- 5.00 or over should consider buying 1.67 lenses. These lenses are about 45% lighter and thinner than standard plastic lenses.

When adding lens coatings to your order, avoid going for scratch-resistant only coating as this hardly does the lenses any justice. The standard level of protection for your lenses should be anti-scratch/anti-glare. This coating will protect your eyes against horizontal glare and your lenses against minor scratches and light abrasions. For the best level of lens protection, opt for the elite coatings which offers you smudge-resistance, water and dust repellence technology on top of anti-scratch and anti-glare protection.


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