The Hugo Boss 0310

by Fashion Eyewear on March 2, 2012

Hugo Boss 0310

The Hugo Boss 0310 is one of the top sellers in the Boss black eyewear collection. The Boss black collection’s identity is modern yet still possessing a classic aura. This review will look at the style and colour of the 0310 model, and which lenses are right for your frames to equip you with the best knowledge.

The Hugo Boss 0310 has a smooth, sleek look. The clean, sharp lines depict a classic masculine style aimed at the male audience. The glasses are semi rimless creating a more invisible look on the face than fully rimmed frames. The frames are made of metal and have matte finishes, a similar finish to the 0375 frames. The 0310 only comes in three matte shades; mate silver blue, matte brown and matte black. The matte brown is a very popular choice with wearers. Semi rimless glasses are great for all wearers.

If you have a high prescription you can still pick out a supra (semi rimless) frame. When picking a supra or rimless frame with a high prescription, you will need to choose thinner lenses. As a guideline; if you have a prescription higher than +/- 3.50 then opt for a 1.67 lens. If your prescription is lower than +/- 3.50 then opt for a 1.6 lens. Don’t forget to add coatings to your lenses to provide them with the best protection. Look after your glasses because they look after your eyesight. Make sure you have an optical check up at least every 2 years and have your glasses re-adjusted bi-annually.

About Hugo Boss
Hugo Boss started his fashion line in 1924. He had only a small workshop which was based in Stuttgart, Southern Germany. He ran the business for many years before he announced himself bankrupt. After his death in 1948, his company floated on the stock exchange. Later the Valentino Fashion Group stepped in and bought the company. The Boss brand has five collections; the Hugo Boss 0310 is from the Boss black collection.

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