The Oakley Half Track OX3109

by Fashion Eyewear on October 17, 2011

Oakley Halftrack OX3109

A small garage used as both an office and laboratory in California, was the working area of one man who started off with only $300 and an idea.

That company was Oakley. They have developed into one of the worlds leading eyewear manufacturers (along with their non-eyewear products). Formed in 1975 by still acting company chairman, Jim Jannard, Oakley came from humble beginnings and was named after his pet dog. Jannards first success was developing a new type of motorcycle grip, made from a unique material of his own creation that increased grip with sweat, Unobtainium. Riders took notice of this, and the product sold extremely well, allowing Jannard to further develop the company. From these small, California beginnings, a world wide multi national corporation was born.

Oakley Half Track

In 2007, Italian fashion distributors Luxottica bought the company. Luxottica, owning companies such as Vogue and Ray Ban, brought a revived luxury feel to the company, with certain celebrities now being avid Oakley collectors.

Oakley Halftrack OX3109 are Oakley’s salute to BMX  riding. The arms are designed with bicycle frames in mind, with cutaway sections for an edgy, cool feel. C-5 alloy is the material which surrounds the lenses, and the temples are stainless steel but coated in Unobtainium for added grip. Coming in two sizes, an adjustable nose pad only adds to the comfort.

The stainless steel arms are flexible for a comfortable fit, while the C-5 alloy uses five metal compounds for lightness with extra strength. Semi-rimless, these glasses will not block your downwards view.

A variety of lenses are available for this model, including scratch resistance so the glass is as durable as the frame. An anti-glare coating can also be added to improve vision in harsh light and when using the computer. Dust and water repellence are available, stopping small dirt particles and water droplets from obscuring your vision. Smudge proofing is also an available option for those who hate unsightly marks and fingerprints. Oakley Halftrack Varifocals are also available.

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