The Oakley Jackknife OX3024

by Fashion Eyewear on October 14, 2011

Oakley Jackknife OX3024

An inventor by the name of Jim Jannard started his own business in 1975, with the intention of creating products that worked and looked better than anything else at the time.

He started the business with $300 in his garage lab. His first major breakthrough was designing a motorcycle grip that was more effective than any other around at the time. Top motor cross riders at the time took notice of these grips, remarking on how they actually worked better with sweat: something that was a huge benefit in a sport. This material was patented as Unobtainium, a material still used today.

Oakley Jacknife

Jannard created more inventions over the years, with great success. Oakley, the small company which had started in his garage was now a huge worldwide business. Italian firm Luxottica bought Oakley in 2007 to add to their portfolio which includes Vogue and Ray Ban, which boosted the company’s ‘luxury’ brand profile.

The Oakley Jackknife OX3024 are made from Oakley O Metal, these are some of the absolute lightest frames available anywhere on the market. The metal used, unique to Oakley in spectacle production, gives maximum comfort as you won’t even realise you’re wearing them. This design is sleek with soft lines, but still gives attitude. Made using Oakley’s Three Point Fit system, as well as the super strong gripping Unobtainium, these glasses won’t move around on your face and cause you any discomfort. The open-edge lenses give you an unobstructed view in your line of vision, as well as ease when looking down to read.

Lenses available with the Oakley Jackknife OX3024 are varied. On top of your standard lens, you can make them scratch resistant which is highly recommended as mark on a regular lens can be easily done, and paying out for replacement lenses can be annoying. Water and dust repellence options are also available, as is anti-glare which is a must for those who use the computer a lot or enjoy being outside. Smudge resistance is available, and tends to be a must for most people.

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