The Oakley Mono Shock OX3098

by Fashion Eyewear on October 20, 2011

Oakley Mono Shock OX3098

The Oakley Mono Shock OX3098

Three hundred dollars and a garage for a laboratory, was the start of a company that is now worth nearly a billion dollars today.

The company was first started with only one member of staff, Jim Jannard. Jannard is still company chairman and is also one of the richest residents of the extremely wealthy Orange County in America.

First started in 1975 in California, the company was named after Jannard’s pet dog. Initially selling to the motor cross industry, Jannard would sell his first invention from the back of his car. This product was made from his own patented material, Unobtainium, which he made into motorcycle grips due to their effectiveness when in contact with perspiration. This was only the beginning of Oakley.

In 2007 the company was bought by Milan based firm, Luxottica. Oakley produces a range of items from sportswear to watches (and of course eyewear).  Always regarded as a high end and high quality brand, this perception was only increased with the takeover, due to it now being within the ranks of companies such as Vogue and Ray Ban, whom Luxottica also own. In the early noughties the company decided to manufacture prescription eyewear. Not only are sportspeople and those ‘in-the-know’ buying Oakley products, but the fashion conscious person is now recognising them as a contender in the market, and many celebrities have been seen sporting their goods.

The Oakley Mono Shock OX3098 comprises a lightweight frame made from Oakley’s own C-5 alloy. The stems are based on engine intake ports, and the hinges are custom. The hinges are the first in the world of their kind, titanium Mono Shock. So unique, the design was named after them. This means if the stems are opened beyond their normal position, they will spring straight back.

As always, the Oakley Mono Shock OX3098 are some of the most comfortable glasses; Unobtainium coated stem sleeves for non-slip grip and adjustable nose pads so you can tweak the fit. Two frame sizes are available in this model.

Several lenses can be fitted into these frames, all of which can be coated to different effects. Four levels of thickness are available, with the thinner being the most durable. Coatings include anti-glare and anti-scratch which are highly recommended for everyone, a pair of glasses really should not be without these. Other options to suit different lifestyles include dust and water repellence, as well as smudge proofing.

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