The Polo Ralph Lauren PH2057

by Fashion Eyewear on March 23, 2012

The Ralph Lauren PH2057

This is a quick post on the Polo Ralph Lauren PH2057. This review will look at the design and style of the frame, price, and availability of these cool, ’geek yet chic’ Polo glasses. The frame shape is a square and usually looks best on those with fuller faces. If you have a very angular face shape you might want to avoid a square frame; instead, go for a cat eye to soften up your strong facial features.


However, don’t be put off wearing the Polo Ralph Lauren PH2057 even if your face is ‘too angular’. Your personal style can carry off any frame; as Gok Wan says: it’s all about the confidence. You love the geek look. For a woman, you like your frames to have that masculine appeal, hence the instant attraction towards a square frame. You may have a very classic style or a retro style.

For a man, you love that ‘timeless classic’ style; these geek frames let you express your personality a bit more in your fashion sense. You don’t like to dress over-the-top and prefer to keep things simple and understated. You like to let your frames do all the talking. Whether you need prescription lenses or just want these Polo Ralph Lauren glasses for fashion, they suit everyone’s budget.

Shopping online for your designer glasses is not only cheaper, it’s also easier and you can find more choices of colours and different models online. The Polo Ralph Lauren PH2057 is widely available online and on the high street. It’s a very popular frame and is one of the brand’s best sellers. The colours available in the PH2057 include the tortoise shell Havana (most popular colour choice), Honey, Shiny Black, and Transparent Grey.

To see the full range of the Polo Ralph Lauren PH2057 glasses… CLICK HERE

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