Ray Ban RX5150 Review

by Fashion Eyewear on November 11, 2011

Ray-Ban RX5150

Ray-Ban is an extremely iconic brand that almost everybody world wide has heard of.

It all started in the 1930s, when  Lt. John McCready returned from a hot air ballooning trip. Upon his return, he exclaimed that his eyes had suffered irreversible damage from the sun. Being in the US Air Force, he commissioned a pair of glasses that would protect his eyes from the sun as well as look good. German brand Bausch & Lomb won the contract and created the Ray-Ban brand in the process. Other pilots in the Air Force also wanted these glasses as they would be flying at high altitudes and needed protection, as well as comfort and style. Ray-Ban went on to publicly distribute the glasses, these were the first aviators. The company has now gone on to became the worlds number one brand, both in sunglasses and optical glasses, which were only introduced in 2003.


The Ray-Ban RX5150 is almost similar in style to the classic Wayfarer, though smaller in size. These glasses are extremely stylish and recognisable, though designed for those who may not be able to carry off a bigger, more brash, frame. The frame is fairly thick, but not overly so, and create a nice focal point to the face. The frame is fairly straight at the top and not catty, so will suit both men and women equally as well.

Most lenses can be fitted to this frame. Single vision and varifocals are available, as are Transitions lenses for those who would prefer not to have the hassle of switching to prescription sunglasses when they venture into the sun. The lenses are available in four thicknesses, with thinner lenses recommended for those with medium to high prescriptions to stop them looking too bulky and visually unattractive. Coatings are available, with all lenses recommended to have anti-glare and scratch resistant coatings to prolong their life as well as stop unnecessary glare. Premium coatings include dust and water resistance which can mean a clear, unobscured view at all times, and smudge proofing.

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