The Swarovski Alchemy SK5007 Review

by Fashion Eyewear on June 1, 2012

The Swarovski Alchemy SK5007

Behold, the stunning Swarovski Alchemy. This short post will take a look at what this model has to offer us in terms of function, style, and design. It is one of the brand’s latest designs; the Alchemy is also the featured model in the latest ad campaign.


Swarovski started off as a crystal-cutting family business, founded by Daniel Swarovski. His skill, talent and artistic flair allowed him to cut crystals in a way that others could not even attempt. The crystal facets reflect the light beautifully, creating an array of colours when it sparkles. For those who love diamonds and all things that sparkle, the Swarovski Alchemy is the perfect frame for you. The SK5007 was designed to resemble facets of crystal, emphasizing the identity of the brand. It’s incredibly unique and fascinating to look at.

The Swanflower® motif on a crystal background provides a glamorous touch to the temples. To create this unique shape, the eyewear goes through an injected-mould process where the acetate is melted and injected into moulds before heated to set the shape. Thicker full-rimmed frames like the Alchemy can be adapted for most lens materials; it is recommended that you opt for thinner lenses if you have a high prescription range. This would help to take pressure off the lenses as well as the frames as thinner lenses are also much lighter than standard lenses.

If you really like the design of this model, you will also like the ‘Amazing’ model (SK0002) from the brand’s sun collection. It’s the other half to the SK 5007 model. The Swarovski Alchemy is available in the following shades; black, shiny blush (nude pink) and shiny brown (rich nude pink). Go for the black colour if you really want to make a statement with your eyewear. Opt for one of the nude tones if you want your frames to compliment your skin tone; if you have a warm complexion, choose the shiny brown colour.

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