The Swarovski Artist SK5011 Review

by Fashion Eyewear on June 11, 2012

The Swarovski Artist SK5011

The Swarovski Artist SK5011 is beautifully elegant and ultra feminine. Today we will take a quick look at this beautiful masterpiece and review its design features and wear ability. If you’re a lady who loves precious metals and beautiful jewels, you will be in love with this model.


The Swarovski Artist is an eyewear masterpiece; it has been beautifully designed and crafted by great artisans and craftsmen. These glasses have a romantic and feminine appeal which is graciously complimented by the frame’s colour scheme. The SK5011 is a rimless frame that is held together by the detailed metal frame arms. The temple stem and hinge joint is scattered with Swarovski crystals in shades of pink and mauve. Extremely dainty and light, the SK5011 makes a perfect frame for those who want a lightweight frame that can provide you with a wider field of vision.

The temple tips are coated in coloured acetate to spice up the frame design and also provide additional comfort to wearers. If your temple tips need adjusting, this can easily be done by a qualified optical assistant. Metal frames can be very durable and scratch resistant however if you suffer from metal allergies, it is best to avoid wearing a metal frame unless it is made from titanium or carbon-fiber. As with all designer eyewear, handle your Swarovski Artist glasses with care especially when removing them from your face.

Many people still don’t know the correct way for taking off your glasses; it is a misconception to think that taking your glasses off with one hand will not damage your eyewear. When taking off your glasses, use both hands to hold and lift the frame arms off your face; avoid pulling them off. Read our blog on ‘How to take care of your designer glasses’ if you want to know more.

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