The Swarovski Astral SK5001 Review

by Fashion Eyewear on June 6, 2012

The Swarovski Astral SK5001

Take a look at the beautiful Swarovski Astral SK5001. We all know about the beauty of Swarovski; their crystals are cut to perfection and dazzle like coloured diamonds. Swarovski produces a wide range of products from jewellery, perfumes and key chains to eyewear, phone charms and even single crystals that others can buy to accessories clothing, handbags, etc.


The Swarovski Astral may be simple but it’s amazingly beautiful. The slim thin frames really focus the eye on the small details such as the crystal embedded hinge joint and the coloured plastic temple tip. This model is available in three colour choices; silver/turquoise, silver/blue, or gold. The supra frame setting enhances the femininity of the frame as well as providing a contemporary look. Semi rimless frames can appear invisible when worn as the design attracts the eye’s attention to the top rim only.

A supra frame supports lighter and thinner lenses; thicker lenses such as the standard lens material 1.5 index can cause a lot of stress on the frame. If you have a mid-range to high prescription (over +/- 3.50) it is advisable to opt for thinner lenses. The brand currently only designs eyewear for women as their consumers are generally females. The adjustable nose pads are somewhat typical with metal frames. The nose pads will provide those with small noses or a low bridge with a better fit.

If you are allergic to certain metals, it is recommended that you go for an acetate frame instead of the Swarovski Astral. Another downside to a metal frame is the limited colour availability when compared to acetate frames. This is because the acetate material is easier to colour tint than metal. If your eyes are sensitive to light, why not invest in photochromic lenses? These light-adapting lenses darken or lighten upon exposure to the amount visible UV light however they will not darken when you’re driving as car windshields have built-in UV protection.

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