The Swarovski SK5019 Review

by Fashion Eyewear on June 18, 2012

The Swarovski SK5019

This post is all about the Swarovski SK5019. We will look at this model and figure out what makes it one of the brand’s best selling optical frame of the year. The glasses have a graphical aesthetic design. The frames are made from metal and are thinner than most of the frames in the brand’s optical eyewear collection.


The fully rimmed setting will bring out your eyes and the rectangle shape will compliment your face shape. The thin frame arms highlight the small graphic detail which somewhat resembles building blocks. The suggested themes of this model are architectural and graphical. The Swarovski SK5019 comes in three colours; black, gold, and pink. If your style is  glamorous, the gold colour would suit you best. If you have a classic, romantic style go for the pink. If your look is timeless yet modern, opt for the black.

Metal frames are extremely comfortable to wear in spite of what people may think. A metal frame can actually provide more support than acetate frames; read on to understand how. A typical characteristic of metal frames are the nose pads; those handy pads are great for providing extra support to those with low bridges or small noses. Acetate frames do come in a variety of colours and have smooth surfaces however it lacks the ability to offer full support to some customers.

Metal is very durable and lasts for a long time which is good news for those who want their durability and stability with their eyewear. The Swarovski SK5019 is a modern-looking frame. Some could even say the frame looks quite masculine when comparing to the other recent models launched by the brand. Always remember to try on your frames before purchasing online to ensure that the size fits you properly. Once the prescription lenses are added to your frames, you will no longer be allowed to refund or exchange the model as it has been processed.

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