The Swarovski SK5021 Review

by Fashion Eyewear on June 12, 2012

The Swarovski SK5021

This is a short post on the Swarovski SK5021. A classic frame; the SK 5021 is ideal for the sophisticated and elegant women of the world. Available in three skin-complimenting tones, it’s no wonder that these glasses are one of the brand’s bestselling models.

The Swarovski SK5021 is thin, delicate and beautifully made. Its clever use of both metal and acetate offers a updated look to these classic frames. The elegant oval frame would really suit those who want to soften their facial features. If you have a very squared or oblong face shape, these frames are right for you. The acetate frame arms provide additional comfort and a warmer touch to the skin than metal. Metal frames are usually created thin because the material is strong enough to hold its shape.

The adjustable nose pads are another great feature; if you have a low nose bridge you will benefit from metal frames. However, just remember to have your nose pads adjusted by a qualified optical assistant because trying to do it yourself will not yield the same result. Tampering with your frames could invalidate your warranty against manufacture faults. The detailing of the frame arm is glamorous and luxurious but not over-the-top; this is one characteristic of the brand’s eyewear models.

Crystal elements are used to decorate the frame temple which joins the arms and the frame together. The Swarovski SK5021 is available in gold black, gold red burgundy, and violet. If you want to stay away from traditional colours then opt for the violet model. The lavender hue frame is very feminine and pretty. It’s a beautiful colour that compliments every skin tone. Everyone wears glasses; whether it’s for correcting their vision or simply as a fashion statement. Top Tip: make sure you opt for thin lenses if you have a high prescription so your lenses don’t stick out of the frames.


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