The Tag Heuer Track Review

by Fashion Eyewear on March 14, 2012

The Tag Heuer Track

This is a short review on the Tag Heuer Track. In this review, we will investigate why the Track series by Tag Heuer is one of the brand’s best sellers.

The Track series is one of the many collections by the Tag Heuer Avant-Garde eyewear range. Its stunning design and ergonomic style makes ordinary optical glasses a thing of the past. The advanced technology and brilliant engineering brings out the beauty of these frames.

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The Tag Heuer Track is similar to the Panorama Track; the main difference is the shield lenses. The Track series has semi rimless and rimless frame settings. The hinges on the Track models allow the glasses to be folded and stored easily. The elastomer temple stems can easily fit under a helmet which is perfect if you regularly wear protective head gear at work or whilst travelling. If you like small details, then you’ll be content with the discrete Tag Heuer logo on the side of the temples. There is good choice for colours; as standard, the classic Tag Heuer red is available with this series.

You’re an adventurous person who likes to live life without limitations. You are rebellious and not constricted to conventional ways of living. You enjoy the outdoors and may be particularly interested in sports as a hobby or a career, so you need glasses that can measure up to your performance levels.

The Tag Heuer Track series provides you with comfort, function and quality. Tag Heuer products are known for their innovative designs; like their watch-making counterparts every product is delivered to the highest standards, and not without stringent quality tests. Designed, trialled and tested by major athletes and professionals; the Track series offers you concrete wear ability and functionality.

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