The Tag Heuer Trends Review

by Fashion Eyewear on March 15, 2012

The Tag Heuer Trends

This is a short post on the Tag Heuer Trends. As with every review, we will look at the design, style and availability of the glasses.

We will also look briefly at the Tag Heuer company and find out what makes them really stand out from other designer brands.

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The Tag Heuer Trends series has a unique look. This series is one of Tag Heuer’s best selling designs as it truly reflects the Avant-Garde image of the company. The design of the Trends series is unlike the other series in the Tag Heuer collection. You have more choice of colour, materials and a variety of lens shapes. For materials, you can choose from an elastomer or acetate.  If you like the feel of conventional plastic temples, go for the acetate coating. The integrated hinges also makes the glasses more compact and easier to store away.

Minimalism is a big theme with Tag Heuer design team. The style of the Trends is understated, elegant and sleek; perfect for those who prefers the finer things in life. Tag Heuer glasses are only available online to certain online retailers; this is due to the exclusivity of the brand. Fashion Eyewear offers the full collection of Tag Heuer glasses; those include the Panorama series, Reflex series and many more.

The Tag Heuer company is renowned for its quality, innovation and craftsmanship. This is reflected in the Tag Heuer Trends. The design team at the Tag Heuer laboratory ensures that all products perform well, look and feel good, and be more than a pair of optical frames to the wearer. Leading athletes and industry professionals collaborate with the Tag Heuer design team to test and review the products. Only those that pass the strict quality control tests will be worthy enough for the Tag Heuer customers.

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