Bvlgari glasses

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Introducing BVLGARI Le Gemme Collection Bvlgari, the prestigious luxury brand specialising in high-end jewellery and famous for its bold and glamorous designs have created a collection that is literally jewellery to the face: Le Gemme. Bvlgari eyewear is a timeless investment. Their glasses and sunglasses are forged from precious metals and gems. The ladies’ line […]


Bvlgari BV4067B Review

by Fashion Eyewear on August 12, 2013


Are you coveting the expensive and classic look of Hollywood golden days’ actress Elizabeth Taylor? Are you looking for a pair of glasses and want a burst of glamour to go with it? Then the eye-catching Bvlgari BV 4067B is your pair – with Swarovski crystals enriching the tops of the temples! What stands out […]


Bvlgari BV2125BM Review

by Fashion Eyewear on July 18, 2013


Bvlgari has been creating masterpieces since 1884. The luxury label’s reputation and legacy speaks for itself and as it celebrates over a century of success it is easy to see why they are the best. Initially the brand was known for designing their speciality which was jewellery. Now it is a global and diversified luxury […]


BV4065B Review

by Fashion Eyewear on April 4, 2013


Bvlgari is a prestigious luxury brand that specializes in high-end jewellery. The brand dates back to 1884 and to this day remains to be one of the most desirable designer labels to exist. All of their products define exceptional quality and show an innovative style. A reputation such as theirs has been successful, after a […]


BV3014 Review

by Fashion Eyewear on February 21, 2013


Bvlgari is a well-known, global luxury brand, famous for their remarkable jewellery. The brand has handcrafted fine Italian jewellery since 1884. Bvlgari is a prestigious and innovatively styled designer label, that markets their exceptional service, for an elite audience. Those that buy and wear their jewels appreciate high quality goods, artistic taste and glamour. Today […]


BV4047 Review

by Fashion Eyewear on February 14, 2013


The Bvlgari luxury brand dates back to 1884 and is based in Rome. They are mostly famous for their jewellery and marvelous creations. All of their designs are bold and make a fashion statement whilst remaining sophisticated and elegant. Skilled artists and innovative designers, combined with precious stones and high quality materials, enables the finished […]