Hugo Boss frames

The Hugo Boss 0248

by Fashion Eyewear on March 5, 2012

Hugo Boss 0248

Not only does the Hugo Boss 0248 look great, it will also help with your vision and care for your eyesight. The Boss collection is modern and fashion forward and is the largest in the boss brand. Hugo Boss founded his company in 1924 in a small workshop. He was born in Stuttgart, Southern Germany in 1885 […]


The Hugo Boss 0365

by Fashion Eyewear on February 28, 2012

Hugo Boss 0365

This is a short review on the Hugo Boss 0365. We will be looking at the style of the frames, the different colours available and learn a little bit about the history of the Boss brand. Hugo Boss started his first clothing company in 1924. Hugo Boss sadly died in 1948 but his business survived. The Valentino Fashion […]