Hugo Boss

The Hugo Boss 0310

by Fashion Eyewear on March 2, 2012

Hugo Boss 0310

The Hugo Boss 0310 is one of the top sellers in the Boss black eyewear collection. The Boss black collection’s identity is modern yet still possessing a classic aura. This review will look at the style and colour of the 0310 model, and which lenses are right for your frames to equip you with the […]


The Hugo Boss 0327

by Fashion Eyewear on February 29, 2012

Hugo Boss 0327

This is a short review on the Hugo Boss 0327. Hugo Boss is known for his style, quality and craftsmanship; these are reflected in all of the brand’s designs. It’s no wonder why Hugo Boss glasses are so popular. These frames certainly hit the spot, Hugo Boss would be proud of such a design. The style would […]


The Hugo Boss 0368 Review

by Fashion Eyewear on February 24, 2012

Hugo Boss 0368

Not only does the Hugo Boss 0368 looks and feels good, it also helps to correct your vision and look after your eyesight. The Boss collection for men and women is edgy, modern and made to the highest quality. The male styles for Hugo Boss glasses frames depicts a masculine style and created with precise craftsmanship. […]


The Hugo Boss 0369

by Fashion Eyewear on February 23, 2012

Hugo Boss 0369

Today we will be reviewing the Hugo Boss 0369. We will rate it out of one to five based on its design, style, and availability/price. Hugo Boss first founded his company in 1924 but soon before his death in 1948 he became bankrupt.  The company floated on the stock exchange before being bought by the Valentino Fashion […]


The Hugo Boss 0362

by Fashion Eyewear on February 22, 2012

Hugo Boss 0362

This is a short article on the Hugo Boss 0362. We will look at the style of the frames, the different colours available and learn a little bit about the history of Hugo Boss and the Boss brand. Born in Germany in 1885, Hugo Boss started his first clothing company in 1924 but later ran into […]