How To Read Your Prescription

by Fashion Eyewear on December 20, 2011

Often, prescriptions will be written in a variety of ways that can often be confusing. Here, we will outline how to read your prescription and pick out the parts that are needed when ordering your glasses online. Most opticians will write ‘left eye’ or ‘right eye’ when writing the prescription for each eye, but the […]


The Top 5 Coatings For Your Glasses

by Fashion Eyewear on December 7, 2011

1. Scratch Resistance Scratch resistant coatings are the most basic but one of the most important lens coatings. These often will come as standard due to the fact uncoated lenses can be easily damaged. Scratch resistant coated lenses will prevent both light abrasion and deep scratching from occurring on your lenses. Damage can easily be […]