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Diesel Eyewear

Company History
The Diesel brand was set up in 1978 by Renzo Rosso and a number of other American-inspired street wear designers. The concept developed for this brand was to create something unique and give life a new ‘fashion attitude’ that would dominate the fashion world. Diesel had always intended to be a fresh, modern and innovative brand that would appeal to individuals who are looking for creative-looking eyewear.

Renzo Rosso wanted to reflect the company’s fun, young and creative image in their advertising campaigns for clothes as well as accessories and eyewear. In 1985, Rosso bought out the other designers in the brand to hold the majority share in Diesel. The business strategy that he deployed to bring the brand back to life was so successful that his strategy is now currently a business model that’s studied at numerous universities in the States.

Diesel Eyewear
Many people may recognise Diesel more for their jeans and denim clothing however the brand’s eyewear collection is beginning to gain more recognition over recent years. Diesel eyewear is right for you if you enjoy expressing your unique personality through your glasses or sunglasses. The latest sunglasses collection launched by the company was designed with specific types of people in mind i.e. the glamorous, the adventurous, the free-spirited, and the edgy-urban individual.

Some Diesel spectacles are designed similar to the sunglasses model to offer people a chance to wear the same type of frame but with different lenses. Classic frame styles such as the aviator frame shape can be found in both the optical collection and sun collection. Diesel is a fashion designer brand and is well known for their innovative eyewear designs and high quality materials.

The eyewear is manufactured in Italy and most of the frames are put together by hand. Skilled craftsmen screw all of the frame joints together by hand and fit the complete frame by hand. Any machinery that is used is manually operated by personnel to ensure quality control. Diesel sunglasses offer UV protection and most models can be fitted with prescription sunglass lenses.