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Hugo Boss Eyewear

Company History
Fashion designer Hugo Boss opened up a small factory in a town in Stuttgart, Southern Germany. At the time of his business launch, there was much economical turmoil in Germany so the designer was forced into bankruptcy. In 1931 the designer managed to come to an agreement with his creditors to allow him to start up his business once again. The designer was able to rebuild his company and his brand. When Boss passed away in 1948 but his business survived and was floated on the stock exchange a year later. In 1991 the company was acquired by the Marzotto textile group.

The Hugo Boss company has seven unique labels that it is divided into; the Boss Black label is the largest of the seven. The Boss Black label produces clothing, perfume, accessories, eyewear and jewellery. Boss Black has a sophisticated, modern brand identity which is always reflected in the products. The company is internationally recognised and available in over 120 countries including London, Milan, Paris, and New York.

Boss Eyewear
Hugo Boss eyewear also has the same personality as the brand itself. Boss frames and spectacles look modern and sophisticated and are made to high standards using premium quality materials. Most of the Boss prescription glasses are targeted more at men than women however there’s still a great selection of female and unisex frames to choose from too. The same goes with the sunglasses collection. Hugo Boss is seen as more of a masculine brand, like how Dior is seen more as a feminine brand.

Whatever your reason is for wanting to buy designer eyewear, you can be sure that an investment in designer goods is always a good choice. The superior quality of a luxury brand can never be beaten if compared to a high-street brand. You can be sure that when you buy Boss glasses or sunglasses, they are made to very high standards and will last you a long time. If you are looking for a luxury designer brand that offers understated eyewear designs but quality craftsmanship, Boss eyewear is right for you.