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Oliver Peoples Eyewear

Brand Foundation
Larry Leight opened the first optical boutique in the Sunset Boulevard in California. To this day, the brand’s flagship store remains there and their biggest fans reside in Hollywood. The brand was founded in 1986, where Leight won a pristine collection of vintage frames at an auction, produced by American companies, such as Bausch and Lomb. After successfully selling the retro eyewear, he followed his dream of creating his own designs, that were all vintage-inspired.

Mystery Of The Brand Name
The receipt that came along with the eyewear won at the auction had the name ‘Oliver Peoples’ written on it. The name remained a mystery as Leight did not know who the name belonged to. He guessed it was either, the distributor of the eyewear or the original owner and in his honour, he sold the goods under the mystery name. Leight loved the mystery of the name so much that the name stuck for his own brand.

Oliver Peoples Eyewear
Oliver Peoples eyewear is high-end, valuable and a luxury label that is respected in both the eyewear and fashion industry. The materials used are of an excellent quality and have to pass a strict quality control to exceed customer satisfaction. All of their authentic products are hand finished, in Italy, by skilled optical experts and artists.

Their eyewear has a filigreed feature that is visible, on the exterior, this look fashionable but also means that the quality of the acetate is high. The combination of function and fashion is blended perfectly as the glasses provide optimum optical alignment and the lenses within the sunglasses provide 100% UV protection. They are also incredibly stylish.

Their eyewear is the only brand not to mark their products with a logo as the beauty of the frames speaks for themselves. It also unites an elite group of people who will instantly recognize an Oliver Peoples design and the quality which makes them ultra special. The brand’s mission is to be the most prestigious and culturally distinctive eyewear brand in the world and they are well on their way.