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Prada Eyewear

Prada History
Mario Prada founded the Italian fashion house in 1913. The first luxury store opened in Milan and specialized in leather goods and travel trunks. In 1919, Prada was the official supplier to the Italian Royal family, as the exclusive goods were prestigious and one of a kind. Prada breathes elegance and luxury with the combination of sophisticated techniques and high quality materials. Everything is handmade in Italy, by a skilled artist, where the attention to detail given to every design is exquisite.

All of Prada’s designs draw inspiration from observation of the world, society and culture. Part of the brand’s creativity involves a mixture tradition and modernity. They are not afraid to take risks and that is what makes them leaders in the fashion industry.

The Logo
The brand is identified by a simple triangle plaque with the brand name, year 1913 and Milano engraved on it. The highly reputable brand is proud of their Italian heritage and history and it adds value to the Prada name. The triangle symbolises Prada’s identity to the world, by being able to connect through fashion and luxury with those world-wide.

Prada Eyewear
Prada eyewear was launched in 1999. The brand’s eyewear was highly anticipated and was an instant success. High quality and unique styles shine through all of their eyewear where class is highlighted. Exquisite craftsmanship, along with a diverse taste, dictates the fashion trends in the eyewear world.

Eyewear Styles
Prada are not afraid to experiment with new shapes and colours which makes them fashion forward and bold. They are also experts in classic designs such as oversized sunglasses and a flattering variety of colours like black and tortoiseshells. Their glasses and sunglasses are durable and comfortable to wear, which is essential, as they guarantee to last a long time. Their timeless designs make them perfect for any era as true style never fades.