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Ted Baker Eyewear

Company History
Ted Baker depicts British heritage perfectly and translates a sense of tradition yet modernity throughout the brand. Ray Kelvin is the mastermind behind the label which he launched in 1987. The brand initially launched as a shirt specialist, for men, in Glasgow. The brand focuses on a high standard of quality that will speak for itself.

Ted Baker relies heavily on the traditional word of mouth marketing. Rather than completely focusing on advertising campaigns, the exquisite attention to detail and need to satisfy customers, who will then be loyal and tell who they know about the brand, is their marketing strategy.

No Ordinary Designer Label
Their slogan ‘no ordinary designer label’ speaks true as they are a luxury brand but are unique and like nothing else out there. Consistency is key and a subtle sense of humour and fun quirk is embedded in all of the brand’s designs. Ted Baker is one of the fastest growing leading lifestyle brands in the UK. The collection has expanded from menswear to womenswear, accessories, fragrances, skincare and eyewear.

Ted Baker Eyewear
Ted Baker eyewear launched in 2001 and has been a huge success. The brand’s eyewear reflects the brand’s look and embarks upon classic shapes and styles. The glasses and sunglasses range is vintage-inspired particularly from the 50/60s era. The sleek and timeless styles are perfect for any outfit or activity. Vintage designs, blended with a contemporary twist, are hand-finished with Ted’s touches.

There is a range of rich colours, retro keyhole bridges and different materials used in all of the eyewear. The minimalist eyewear has the brand’s logo engraved on the temple tips and the brand name is usually signed off at the hinges. The unisex eyewear is popular because the simple styles are flattering to most face shapes. They are also guaranteed to be lightweight and durable. The wearer will receive their money’s worth as the eyewear will not break easily and will last a long time. Additionally, they are comfortable to wear and look chic.