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  • Chanel Glasses

    The exclusive elegance of the Chanel eyewear collection features the same iconic Chanel symbols as their ready-to-wear collection on the catwalks: chain, bow, quilting, tweed or pearls.

    Our best selling models: CHANEL 3285 & CHANEL 3282


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  • Chanel Glasses | Chanel Prescription Glasses

    The famous couturier Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel is the founder of the French fashion house Chanel. The company started up in 1909 and has ever since been the leading brand in fashionable clothing, accessories, perfumery and cosmetics. Keeping her simplistic approach to design, she created what is now some of the most elegant and attractive Chanel varifocals and sunglasses lines. Most of them embellished with the reverted "C"s on the sides, the beauty of the frames are undoubtedly impressive. The frames are strong, durable, suited to all occasions of the day and are perfect for anyone to wear.

    The Signature Icon & Colours

    The "CHANEL" signature is found on a few models of the eyewear but the interlaced "CC" remains the brand's trademark logo which coming from stained glass windows in an Aubazine chapel where Coco was brought up as an orphan. Some of the lampposts in London’s Mayfair (where Chanel opened her first London boutique) have the interlocking CC logo, because Coco’s relationship with Hugh Grosvenor "Bendor", the 2nd Duke of Westminster – it’s an emblem of the Duke's gesture towards Coco.

    Apart from the double C icon and the signature, there are a few more symblos that each represent a collection that the brand offers. The classic Chanel colours are black, white, red, beige and gold.

    Quilting/Matelassé & Patent Leather
    Coco was a passionate fan of horse racing and the diamond-patterned quilting of the stable lad’s jackets for its graphic aspect and suppleness. Lambskin leather is the material used for the eyewear collection.

    Tweed is used a lot for clothing and handbags but is relatively new as a material used in eyewear. The Chanel Tweed Collection is made from tweed-infused rubber molded stems and luxurious acetate frames.

    The Chanel Chain design is used constantly used with accessories from handbags to eyewear. The chains depict the equestrian bridles and in the convent where Coco grew up, the nuns had their keys on chains; also, it’s easier to move your hands if your bag has long chain handles. Calfskin leather is used for the leather cord weaved between the chains in the eyewear collection.

    Chanel loved wearing pearls and diamonds, hence their recurrence in her designs. They capture light and react to every movement of the wearer’s body. Its lunar glow gently enhances the beauty of a woman’s face. Pearls in the eyewear collection are usually set in rows of 3, or set individually.

    The white camellia is an Asian flower that represents longevity and purity; this was her favourite flower, because the camellia has no scent so it wasn’t overpowering the perfume Chanel was wearing. The camellia portrays simplicity and beauty.

    Lucky Charms
    Her lucky charms included the four-leaf clover, the number 5, comets, bows and wheat. The bow is an icon that represents romance and love, whilst the wheat represents prosperity. The charms were the things that bought luck to Coco.

    Coco’s star sign was Leo, and the colour for August is gold, that’s why it’s usually a gold lion.

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