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  • Polo Ralph Lauren Glasses

    All-American approach, timeless style, classic designs with a modern edge is what the Ralph Lauren and Polo Ralph Lauren designer eyewear range is about. From Western-inspired metal detailing showing the finest quality craftsmanship to vintage styles that embodies classic elegance, Ralph Lauren frames come in a wide range.

Polo Ralph Lauren

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  • Polo Glasses

    About Polo Ralph Lauren
    Ralph Lauren started off his first business in 1967 selling a collection of ties. Lauren dreamt big and always had an eye for fashion. Designing clothing for the sportsmen of America was something he set out to do, which he did successfully. The fashion line became the official outfitters for the Wimbledon team and further expanded into home furnishings, and casual wear that inspired by English heritage and the US Ivy League style.

    “Back when all this started, I felt sure that there were no boundaries. I’m even more sure of that today.” – Ralph Lauren

    The Eyewear Collection
    Classic and timeless is how one can describe the eyewear collection. The company intended this label to be marketed the male audience however women who are looking for ‘masculine’ frames or want to try something different can also take a look at what the label has to offer.

    Alternatively, women should take a look at the 'Ralph Lauren' eyewear collection which is dedicated to the female consumers. The ‘preppy’ tailored look can be achieved with these optical frames. If you’re not really keen on the prep-school look, other frames in the collection will give you a vintage sport or classic appearance.

    The fashion styling of the Polo clothing line is reflected in the designs for these optical frames. Classic shapes like the aviator have been revamped with fresh concepts like the ‘Big Pony’ logo to create something modern and unique to the brand. Most of the optical frames in the collection are designed with the traditional rectangle shape which not only looks aesthetically pleasing; it also contours the face to really highlight the facial features.

    “The way I do collections and what inspires me is a story or theme that gets to me... I don’t build a collection from the sleeve or from a specific fabric. I build it out of a dream.” – Ralph Lauren

    The Polo Ralph Lauren Foundation is committed to helping others. This is done through donating proceeds to help fight against cancer, as well as encouraging people to volunteer and help build homes for underserved communities. The company also has numerous programs and projects it undertakes to help those who are in need.

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