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  • Tiffany Glasses

    Celebrate the moments of your life with a design from Tiffany. What better way to enjoy the first rays of sunshine than wearing a pair of sunglasses from Tiffany&Co, the world's premium jeweller. Romantic, timeless designs with subtle embellishments and the signature Tiffany blue colour.
    Our best selling models: Tiffany TF 1095H & Tiffany TF 2084


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Showing 1 - 18 of 47 items
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  • Tiffany Glasses Online | Tiffany Prescription Glasses

    The Tiffany Story

    Charles Lewis Tiffany and John Young had a dream of opening a jewellery store that everyone would have heard about and adored. The company did not make a lot of money when it first opened however they had unknowingly changed the world of luxury goods and jewellery.

    Tiffany's unwavering search for unique objects fascinated the elitists of New York. In 1867, the company was given an award that made them internationally recognised. But it was not until the store obtained some of the French crown jewels in 1887, did the company’s popularity rose.

    Tiffany’s most noteworthy achievement was to establish America's finest house of design and the world's premier jeweller. Today, we all know the brand for its exquisite jewellery and dazzling accessories. Kate Winslet, Anne Hathaway and Natalie Portman are some of the celebrities seen wearing Tiffany & Co jewels on the red carpet this year.

    The Eyewear Collection

    If you adore precious metals and gems, you will fall in love with the eyewear collection. It was launched in 2008; the brand needed to expand in order to grow and stay on top as leaders of the luxury goods and jewellery industry.

    “As a luxury fashion accessory, eyewear seems like a natural addition for us” – Michael J. Kowalski, Tiffany & Co. Chairman and CEO

    Key charm symbols such as the lock, key and heart are consistent in the eyewear collection. Materials used to create a pair of optical frames include gold, silver, diamonds and other precious gems. Most of the frames in the optical collection have a classic style whilst others have a very glamorous appearance.

    So whether you want to be the elegant princess, or the luxurious glamour puss, there’s a frame for you. All of the frames have been designed for women and are mainly made from acetate which is made from cotton flowers.

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