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Oakley Frames | Oakley Spectacles

Jim Jannard founded the well renowned brand Oakley in 1975. His original produce however, wasn’t eyewear at all. Jannard was the inventor of the ingenious and improved motorcycle grip, called “The Oakley Grip”, which he sold at motor crossing events.

His grips were incredibly efficient and did well in the industry, increasing the popularity of the Oakley brand. He later moved onto producing; Oakley frames, sunglasses and ski goggles as well as; watches, shoes, clothes, backpacks, American football and hockey wear, golf gear and several other sports accessories. He used his signature Oakley Grip feature in the production of his eyewear, making them ideal for use in participation of sports. His sunglasses and spectacles were adorned by several celebrities and have been since used by athletes that require eye correction whilst partaking in sports.

Some of the big names adorning Oakley eyewear are; Muhammad Ali, Jessica Alba, Matt Damon, Justin Timberlake and Richard Branson. The designs are generally simple, with the use of basic colours, like; black, silver white and beige. The eyewear is suitable for all weather conditions and is usually tough, scratch resistant with polarized lenses and have of course, superb grip.

The benefits of investing in Oakley spectacles and sunglasses are numerous. Apart from wearing one of the worlds most celebrated brands, you will no doubt have the greatest quality eyewear available. The production process of your Oakley varifocals eyewear will undergo strict quality control; meaning there is no doubt you’ll be investing in the correction and protection of your vision.