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Prada Frames | Prada Spectacles

Founded in 1913 by the Prada brothers, Mario Prada and Martino Prada, the Italian company Prada started off as a small leather goods shop in Milan, Italy. Their quality produce attracted customers and undoubtedly increased business flow.

Their product speciality ranged in luxurious shoes, bags, hats and luggage. Some of their more recent produce are the popular Prada frames line, which has caught the attention of some of today’s biggest stars. Although the company grew exponentially, it was only until Louisa Prada and her daughter Muiccia Prada joined the company that it ascended into the high end fashion industry. A few years under Muiccia Prada’s reign, the company expanded drastically and stores all over continental Europe were opened.

Her originality in designs, quality products and simple yet provocative designs became a sensation, turning Prada became a premium brand. More recently, Prada spectacles launched several bold and dashing eyewear lines. The sunglasses collections included The Original Prada and Prada Sport, appealing and providing to the needs of a majority of people. The sunglasses are flashy, loud and are bound to turn heads with its exciting features. Most importantly, they are comfortable and will be an investment in your accessories collection as they will never date.

The Prada varifocals glasses collection usually adorn more simple colours, like; black, brown, dark green, cream, beige and white with the occasional bright limited editions that may include red and purple. The designs and colours can be worn with both casual everyday wear and occasion wear. It appeals to both males and females of both younger and older generations with its sleek and chic designs.