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Designer Sunglasses for Women
As seen on celebrities, in Elle, The Times
Designer Sunglasses For Men

Designer Sunglasses

Everybody loves a pair of designer sunglasses; from celebrities to mums, young trendsetters or even athletes. The difference a nice, stylish pair of sunglasses can make to your look is priceless. Whether you're the Ray-Ban type, a fan of the classic popular aviator or wayfarer shape, or prefer playful Miu Miu, vintage inspired Cutler and Gross, luxurious Chanel sunglasses or maybe you're looking for some Oakleys to go hiking, golfing, skiing or carp fishing?The desirability for designer eyewear is not simply because of the brand name, it’s also about the quality and exclusivity that comes them too. Every collection is designed from scratch by a team of talented designers, each pair is individually hand-crafted by expert craftsmen. This is the difference that sets apart luxury eyewear and mass-produced high street eyewear.

Be Safe In The Sun

As much as we love to be out in the sun, it is important to take care of our skin and eyes. The skin around the eye area is even more sensitive and fragile than the skin on our face. Wearing sunglasses, especially when there is a lot of sun exposure, will help to prolong the ageing of the skin as well as reducing the risk of skin cancer. 

Eye Protection

Wearing sunglasses will help protect your eyes against UV light (UVA and UVB). According to watchdog organisation 'Which', some of the cheap sunglasses produced by high-street clothing retailers have failed to meet the British sunglasses standards. Also remember that darker sunglasses don’t necessarily mean they have UV filtering. The darkness of the lenses is due to the tint depth; this is categorised by numbers, 0 to 4. DO NOT wear tint depth 4 sunglasses whilst driving as these lenses are extremely dark, it would be dangerous to do so. 

Polarised Lenses

Reflective glare can be found on horizontal surfaces i.e. street roads, water surface, floors, snow. Polarised lenses will block out any horizontal glare giving you a better visual performance. You can also have sun coatings on your sunglasses which blocks out reflective glare from behind the eyes. This coating works best with polarised lenses. 

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