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Prescription Sunglasses

Prescription Sunglasses

Prescription Sunglasses
Gone are the days where you have to carry around with you two pairs of glasses. Now you can enjoy great vision whilst protecting your eyes from the sun.

Optical glasses can also provide you with 100% UV protection however only photochromic lenses and sunglasses can provide you with visual comfort from visible light as the lenses are tinted.

Lens Tints
At Fashion Eyewear, we’ve made it simple for you to pick your lens choices. You can choose from fully tinted lenses, gradient lenses, match original colour, or polarised.

For full tint lenses, you would be asked which tint depth you’d like. If you want to be able to use your sunglasses for everyday wear and driving choose the light, medium, or standard tint.

If you are in a country that has a lot of sun exposure, go for the standard or dark option or the standard tint if you will be driving. Grey and green tint colours are the best options as they do not distort colours when looking through the lenses.

NEVER choose the dark tint if you want to use your sunglasses for driving. It is very dangerous as you will not be able to see in tunnels or dark areas.

Eye Protection
It is not wise to assume that the darker the sunglasses, the better the UV protection. Some dark sunglasses will have no/little UV protection which can seriously damage your eyes.

This is typical with cheap sunglasses, replica, and counterfeit sunglasses. A UK study conducted by a watchdog organisation revealed that the majority of cheaply mass-produced sunglasses in the UK failed to meet the British/EU sunglasses standards.

Prescription sunglasses are protected against the harmful UV rays however non-prescription sunglasses are not.