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Gabrielle Riley

  1. Summer Hack: Prescription Sunglasses
    Summer Hack: Prescription Sunglasses

    Summer Hack: Prescription Sunglasses


    It is finally June and summer has arrived. With summer comes the sun and although it is great to finally see the sun again, it can make normal day-to-day tasks a little harder, like driving or cycling to work! Nobody wants to be swapping from sunglasses to glasses all day. Even more annoying when you can’t quite get the hang of contact lenses. We at Fashion Eyewear, however, have the perfect hack for you, so you can enjoy the sun, stress-free, and of course no style compromise. 

    Shop our vast range of designer sunglasses and simply add your prescription lenses, we have varifocal and single vision lenses available so we can personalise your designer sunglasses easily. 


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  2. Prescription Glasses
    Prescription Glasses

    Understanding Your Prescription When Buying Glasses Online for the First Time


    If you typically purchase your prescription glasses in-store after having an eye test, buying online might seem complicated, but the truth is that choosing and buying your prescription glasses online couldn’t be simpler! Here’s what you need to know. 


    Buying prescription glasses online has loads of benefits compared to shopping on the high street.  


    • Take your time: Selecting a frame you love or finding the perfect glasses shape for your face can take a bit of time, and when you’re shopping online, there’s no need to rush. You can shop by colour, brand, shape, or style and even use valuable resources like a
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  3. Earth Day with Polaroid Eyewear
    Earth Day with Polaroid Eyewear

    Fashion Eyewear Celebrates Earth Day

    What is Earth day?

    Since 1970 the 22nd of April has been marked as Earth Day. This year, the organisers of Earth Day are calling for three days of climate action from the 20th of April to the 22nd of April, but often people mark the full week as a time to talk about the environment and the issues we face. 

    The first Earth Day was founded by Gaylord Nelson in 1970 Nelson to highlight the importance of clean air and water in California. This attracted 20 million people to take the streets in solidarity with environmental issues. 


    What is Earth Day 2021 about?

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  4. Jumbo Shrimp glasses
    New Brand Alert: Jumbo Shrimp

    New Brand Alert: Jumbo Shrimp

    We have a new brand at Fashion Eyewear! Jumbo Shrimp has just launched ready for summer 2021. If you want stylish blue light glasses or the ultimate clip-on duo for in and out of the office, for an affordable price, you will love this new addition to Fashion Eyewear. 

    Jumbo Shrimp are on a mission to make high-quality specs that you can combine with your prescription lenses at Fashion Eyewear. Their unique selection help you stand out from the crowd without compromising quality and your bank account! 

    Ready-made blue light Jumbo Shrimp glasses will also be available to buy with or without prescription lenses added. Wearing blue light glasses, even if you don’t need prescription eyewear is crucial if you work on digital screens a

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  5. Gotti Glasses as seen on Oprah in Harry and Meghan Interview!
    Gotti Glasses as seen on Oprah in Harry and Meghan Interview!



    We introduce to you, the star of the Prince Harry and Meghan interview: Oprah’s glasses.

    Oprah is wearing the Götti Perspective OR02 bold, in sand, sold online exclusively at Fashion Eyewear.

    Götti glasses combine the highest level of refined design, traditional craftsmanship, and technical innovation. An unmistakable expression of confident style and quality with a Swiss touch.


    Shop the frame here

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  6. The Mother's Day Gift Guide
    The Mother's Day Gift Guide

    The Mother’s Day Gift Guide

    Mother’s Day is fast approaching for the UK, and for some reason, we have to be different and celebrate on a different date to the rest of the world. You may be reading this with slight panic as you now realise you have nothing planned for your Mother’s Day present, but don’t worry, occasions are easily missed this year and we have your gifts sorted!

     This year may be harder for some of us too, with the lockdown still in place, so maybe an extra special gift will help make up for the distance! We have put together some of our favourite frames for mother’s all over the country, whether your mother is super stylish, sophisticated or sporty - we have her eyewear style covered. 

    Ray-Ban Aviator

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  7. Serengeti images
    New In: Serengeti Lenses

    Our brand new Serengeti Sports range has just dropped along with new high-performance lenses to match. 

    About Serengeti 

    Serengeti is a high-end luxury sports performance brand. Known for their cutting-edge innovative production of eyewear and prescription lenses, they are among the most technologically advanced eyewear brands in the world. Each of their models has been strategically designed to look stylish and provide maximum levels of protection and comfort on and off the field. 



    The Guide to Serengeti Lenses 


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  8. Bold glasses for zoom calls
    Bold Glasses For Zoom Calls



    For most of us, the words Zoom, Meets or Teams have become an all too familiar addition to our daily vocabulary. For most of us are working from home,  where we spend most of our time - hanging out on video calls with dodgy wi-fi and struggling to hear what everyone is saying.  As working from home is now the new normal for many of us, so is loungewear, messy buns and no makeup, but I think we can agree, we are all getting sick of looking the same every day. 


    Here are a few tips on how to look like you have made an effort while working from home:

    1. Wear a brightly coloured jumper, shirt, or top
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  9. Valentine's day gift guide
    The Valentine's Day Gift Guide

    Valentine’s Day Gift Guide


    Here is your friendly reminder that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! It can be easy to forget events when you can’t book a restaurant, a weekend away or even see your loved one, but you can still make the day special. If you are lucky enough to be spending Valentine’s Day with your partner then try a new recipe, make cocktails or make an at-home cinema night. There are plenty of things you can do at home and if not there is always Facetime!


    If this article really has reminded you of the 14th of February and you haven’t even thought of a gift yet, don’t panic, we are putting together the perfect gift guide for your partner. At Fashion Eyewear we stock every designer brand you can think of, which means we truly do have someth

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  10. The Serpent: Get the look
    As seen in: The Serpent

    Fashion Eyewear as seen in the Serpent 

    If you haven’t spent lockdown 3 binge-watching the Serpent then your next weekend at home is sorted! Based on the true story of Charles Sobhraj (Tahar Rahim) a conman and murderer, posing as a gem dealer in 1970 Bangkok it’s addictive viewing Free-spirited travellers on Asia’s “hippie trail” was seduced by the glamorous lifestyle and magnetic charm of Sobhraj and his girlfriend Marie-Andree Leclerc (Jenna Coleman) but many met untimely deaths. The 10 part series has been a massive success, not only for the nail-biting production but also because of the 70’s fashion worn by both Rahim and Coleman.

    70’s fashion has been making a comeback for some time now, so seeing Jenna Coleman play an iconic character in an iconic wardrobe at the side of her manipulative boyfriend travelling around the world fro

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  11. The Gentlemen Film Sunglasses
    The Gentlemen

    Fashion Eyewear as seen in “The Gentlemen”

    The Fashion Eyewear team are loving “The Gentlemen” film and the glasses worn by so many of the cast.  A Guy Ritchie classic starring top Hollywood actors Charlie Hunnam, Matthew McConaughy, Colin Farrell, Hugh Grant and Michelle Dockery to name a few. If you love a London gangster film filled with plots, schemes and blackmail then you’ll love this one and the glasses too!

    To get the look of our favourite actors shop below:


    Raymond, also known as Ray,  is played by Charlie Hunnam. Although a gangster, he’s a rather loveable one! So if you want to get Raymond’s chic, gentlemanly look shops our range of Persol Gla

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  12. Eyewear trends to watch for 2021
    Eyewear trends to watch for 2021

    We can all agree that we are happy to see the back of 2020! It is time to face a new year, a new mindset and, of course, a new wardrobe. Although some recurring trends have been carried through to the Spring/Summer 2021, we invite with open arms the newest trends like the oversized statement frame! Lockdowns, however, we do not. 

    After all, it is only January, and you might not be thinking about Summer or getting a new pair of sunglasses to go with it - but don’t be fooled. Sunglasses are not only a summer accessory, the winter sun can also be blinding! Stay ahead of the SS21 trends and wear your new shades now. 

    Trends to watch this year are geometric aviators, retro styling and tinted lenses. This year is led by timeless silhouettes and, of course, the ’70s - we haven’t given up on that era yet. 

    Brands to keep in mind for 2021: Miu Miu, Chloe, Botte

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