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  1. How to measure pupil distance | Measure Pupil Distance Accurately – Fashion Eyewear
    How to measure pupil distance | Measure Pupil Distance Accurately – Fashion Eyewear

    How to Measure Pupil Distance 

    Your pupil distance is an essential measurement for ordering prescription glasses; without it, your lenses won’t be accurate. This measurement is used to accurately determine the area of your lens that you look through to ensure that you have clear vision.

    Your pupil distance, or PD, is the distance between the centre of your pupils (the black circles in the centre of your eye) and is always measured in millimetres for accuracy. 

    Typically, your optician will do this measurement. However, we have an excellent online tool that allows you to d

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    Buying glasses online definitely has it’s advantages: you don’t need to leave your house, you can try on as many frames as you like using the virtual try-on (without feeling rushed to make a decision), and you can add your prescription without a trip to your local opticians. With Fashion Eyewear you can try on frames which have strutted straight off the catwalk to our HQ as well as staples you love from last season. We definitely stock more than your local opticians can fit in their store with over 100 brands and thousands of models in both optical and sunglasses. 

    Adding your prescription online 

    With Fashion Eyewear adding your prescription online really is easy. Make sure your prescription is still valid, we recommend getting your eyes tested onc

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  3. What are photochromic lenses?
    What are photochromic lenses?

    Tired of switching between your reading and sunglasses when you go outside? If you live in an area that’s often overcast and uncomfortably bright, or a place that sees more sunny days than average, you might consider photochromic lenses with your next purchase. 

    What are photochromic lenses? 

    Photochromic lenses - also known as transitions - are lenses that adapt and go darker when exposed to UV light. One of the main benefits is the ability to move in and outdoors without having to change glasses. 

    These polarised lenses are tinted to be UV resistant, which makes them permanently darker than regular g

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  4. Prescription Sunglasses Online
    Prescription Sunglasses Online

    At Fashion Eyewear we stock designer prescription sunglasses which you can buy online. Prescription sunglasses are eyewear essentials, especially if you need your prescription glasses to enjoy the sunshine all year round. No more squinting, swapping two pairs of glasses or wearing contacts and sunglasses combined. You can enjoy the sun and see with the same prescription as your day to day optical glasses. If you spend a lot of time in your car, prescription sunglasses are particularly handy, and an essential for safe driving and avoiding glare on the road.

    Choosing your prescription sunglasses online.

    We stock a large range of designer sunglasses which you can add your prescription to.  Shop our luxury range from CHANEL, Cartier and DITA to our fashion ranges

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  5. The Best Glasses For Small Faces
    The Best Glasses For Small Faces

    What are the best type of glasses for small face shapes? If you have a small face shape you might find it hard to find a pair of glasses that best suit your face. You may love some fashionable styles like oversized glasses but just know you wouldn’t pull them off. You may have even thought of shopping for kids glasses because you find it hard to get the right fit but we can help you find the right style for you. 

    How do I know I have a small face?

    For some, it may be obvious that you have a small face shape. When trying on glasses you may feel like most shapes of frames overpower your face and hide it, or maybe they seem huge compared to your face. To be sure, check the proportions of your face. Focus on the following areas:




    Face L

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  6. Oakley sports lenses explained - Oakley Prizm
    Oakley sports lenses explained - Oakley Prizm

    Oakley has a large range of lenses and coatings designed specifically for certain sports. Many of them are linked with location, for example, some lenses are best designed for road sports like cycling or motorsports. Some are the best fit for watersports like fishing and some are designed with grass sports in mind like golf or tennis. If you are a professional athlete or a sporting enthusiast who has bought from Oakley for a long time you may know exactly which lenses and coatings suit you and your sport, however, if you're new to the sporting eyewear it may be hard to work out which coating or lens you need to add. 

    If you want more information on Oakley lenses as a whole we recommend you read about their single vision and varifocal lenses on our specialised Oakley page here. Once you are up to speed on the lens type you can come back and read this blog to work out

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  7. The best glasses to wear if you have an oval face shape.
    The best glasses to wear if you have an oval face shape.

    If you have an oval face shape, think yourself lucky. This is one of the most admired face shapes, deemed as ‘ideal’ because of it’s balance balanced proportions - perfect for choosing a pair of glasses. If you aren’t sure exactly what your face shape is, you can read our previous blog here. Oval faces have a narrow forehead and chin with high cheekbones. 

    When it comes to choosing a pair of glasses you are lucky  - you can take your pick from just about any glasses shape and they will still suit you.  The majority of glasses’ shapes are flattering to your oval face shape. Just make sure you pick a pair of glasses that don’t distract from the natural balance of your features. You don’t want to look unproportioned so staying away from an oversized frame is best. 

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  8. Glasses Guide Online
    Glasses Guide Online

    So, how do you buy prescription glasses online? At Fashion Eyewear it’s pretty simple. Firstly you choose your favourite designer eyewear. You can choose from a large collection of over 50 designer brands for both sunglasses and optical. Our pages are easy to navigate. You can shop our designer glasses brand or designer sunglasses brands separately. We also have designer reading glasses available which you will find under ‘designer glasses’, readily available in all reading powers. 

    We understand that it can be hard to decide on a brand, style or colour when buying your new eyewear. That’s why we have our ‘find your frame’ pages. These pages are split into styles so you can shop our transparent glasses,  circle, retro, tortoiseshell or rimless all in one place. This may help you make a decision or maybe you already know what your after and only want to shop tor

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  9. Best Sunglasses For Driving
    Best Sunglasses For Driving

    To reduce glare on the roads, wear sunglasses and you will find driving from A-B much easier, squint-free! From a summers day to a winters morning the sun’s blinding glare can cause dangerous driving conditions. This glare is often reflected off snow, puddles, your bonnet or the car in front as well as directly hindering your vision and often blamed for car accidents. However, these accidents can be easily prevented!

    Don’t just go for your favourite fashion brand, an on-trend design or the cheapest pair. There are a few factors you need to consider when buying sunglasses! Specifically for driving to make sure you have the most suitable, safest pair:

    • Do the lenses cover your eyes fully to protect from sunlight?
    • What colour are the lenses? 
    • Do they pass the sunglass standards of your
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  10. Varifocal Lenses - FAQs and all you need to know!
    Varifocal Lenses - FAQs and all you need to know!

    Varifocal lenses 

    Varifocal lenses can also be referred to as a progressive lens, a term more commonly used in America. This is due to their progressive lens tones because unlike bifocals, varifocal lenses have no specific area of lens strength. They gradually combine your reading, mid-distance and distance prescriptions. As lens technology has advanced the old fashioned line which used to show the division between prescriptions has become close to invisible. For distance, you look through the top section of your lenses, mid-distance in the middle and to read the lower half. With varifocal lenses, you don’t have to carry around three pairs of glasses anymore. So just buy a pair of varifocal glasses and varifocal sunglasses and you are covered for everything.

    Varifocal FAQs

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  11. Reglaze Your Glasses At Fashion Eyewear
    Reglaze Your Glasses At Fashion Eyewear

    Has your prescription changed? Found an old pair of frames you would like to convert into prescription sunglasses? Just want a new set of lenses? For both sunglasses and optical frames, we offer a reglazing service. Whether you have bought your frames from us or another retailer,  we will get them looking as good as new. We have a simple step by step checkout process for you to follow where you can choose which lenses you would like and add your prescription at the end along with your PD. Simply send us your frames and we will have then dispatched back to you within 7-14 days looking brand new!


    - Search Reglaze in the search bar

    - Click the add lenses option

    - Choose the type of lens you need

    - Choose what you need the lenses for (i.e. reading, distance or computer use)

    - Add your prescription (should be dated within the last 2 years)

    - Choose your lens thickness and tint


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  12. What to do with your unwanted glasses...
    What to do with your unwanted glasses...

    At Fashion Eyewear we try to be as sustainable as possible. We understand the scrutiny that the fashion industry is under when it comes to the environment and how important saving our planet is. It is crucial we all try and make an effort as a business and as individuals, here are some ways our business is sustainable:

    • Recycling all paper and waste used in our head office.
    • Limiting package waste and recycling all boxes which can’t be reused.
    • Stocking sustainable brands (Stella McCartney - read how she is a sustainable brand here).
    • Any returned frames which we can’t re-sell are donated to the charity ‘Vision Aid Overseas’.

    About Vision Aid Overseas

    Vision Aid Ove

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