The Best Glasses For Small Faces

What are the best type of glasses for small face shapes? If you have a small face shape you might find it hard to find a pair of glasses that best suit your face. You may love some fashionable styles like oversized glasses but just know you wouldn’t pull them off. You may have even thought of shopping for kids glasses because you find it hard to get the right fit but we can help you find the right style for you. 

How do I know I have a small face?

For some, it may be obvious that you have a small face shape. When trying on glasses you may feel like most shapes of frames overpower your face and hide it, or maybe they seem huge compared to your face. To be sure, check the proportions of your face. Focus on the following areas:




Face Length 

There are universal proportions known as the golden ratio - this is measured by dividing the length by the width. If the result is around 1.6 which means an ideal face should be about one and a half times longer than it is wide. If you have a small of petite face shape the measurement will have both a small length and width. 

So, how do you measure your face shape?

Step 1. 

Grab your tape measure. A flexible one would be best so you can bend your tape measure for accurate measurements, then measure temple to temple. 

Step 2. 

Next measure your forehead. Start at the widest part of your forehead and go along your hairline. 

Step 3. 

Measure your jawline at the widest point. This is usually about 2.5 cm or 1 inch down from your ears. 

Step 4.

To find your face width by choosing the larger number out of the two measurements you took. 

Step 5. 

Next, measure the length down the centre of your face from the top the bottom. 

Step 6. 

For extra accuracy measure the highest distance of your cheekbones. 

Now you will know and understand your face shape more so you can work out which glasses size you need. 

Glasses Shapes and Sizes

Small glasses frames that will suit your small and petite face shape start at 115 mm to about 129 mm. Here are some styles which you may want to shop:


These frames are flattering for most face shapes. They are narrow so won’t be overbearing on a petite face shape. 


Cat-eye is a sunglasses frame that is super on-trend this year. This shape comes in both oversized and petite sizes, so maybe you would prefer to wear a smaller size shape! 


Square frames are also back on trend! Again, this shape is usually an oversized frame but Dior now do a small size square frame, perfect for small face shapes!


Rounded frames are perfect for small face shapes. They compliment all your petite features and don’t overpower your face. They are also a favourite shape for this year and are a way to express a quirky fashionable personality.