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  1. 7 Reasons To Choose Oakley True Digital Lenses
    7 Reasons To Choose Oakley True Digital Lenses


    Oakley has been pushing the limits of the eyewear industry for almost 40 years with professional athletes trusting Oakley glasses and lenses to protect their eyes and give them clear vision when it's needed most to increase their performance. But Oakley glasses and prescription sunglasses are not only suitable for those with an active lifestyle but also offers great benefits in everyday life.
    You may have heard about the most talked about advantages of OTD lenses, which come really h
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  2. Which Lens Coating Is The Best For You?
    Which Lens Coating Is The Best For You?

    lenses (1)

    Buying a new pair of glasses and choosing the right lenses and coatings can be a daunting task, especially if you're buying glasses online. That's why we've compiled a little guide to choosing the right coatings for your lenses. To help you understand more about the advantages of the individual coatings, in this post we're going to explain what certain coatings mean and also give you a more detailed explanation of the coatings available at Fashion Eyewear. So let's see Fashion Eyewear's A-Z of choosing the right coatings!

    Scratch-resistant coatingAnti-scratch coating:

    Most lenses are made of lightweight materials like plastic or polycarbonate that most have a relatively

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  3. Glasses Frame Size Guide
    Glasses Frame Size Guide

    Are you looking for a new pair of glasses? We have over 45 Designer brands you can choose from whether you need sunglasses or optical glasses. Fashion Eyewear is a skilled online optician with a website built to allow you to add your prescription to both the sunglasses and glasses you want. Once you have browsed our website and decided which glasses are for you, choose your colour and size of your frames then select 'add prescription', our simple step by step checkout will follow.  We have a wide selection of lens brands you can add to your luxury eyewear, from Essilor, Nikon, Ray-Ban, Maui Jim, Oakley and our standard Fashion Eyewear collection. You can select your own personalised package by choosing one of our top brands or pick the recommended packages put together by our expert opticians for your ease.

    When filling in our check out, please make sure you fill in all of the sections and double-check that the information you have entered is correct.

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  4. How Does Myopia Develop In Children?

    Does your child wear glasses? Are they are nearsighted? Have you ever wondered how myopia (known as shortsightedness) develops in children?

    This short post will briefly explain how myopia develops in the eye of a child and what factors contribute towards the development of myopia.


    What is myopia?
    Myopia, also known as shortsightedness or nearsightedness, is a common optical refractive error that makes the eyes unable to focus on objects in the far distance but can focus perfectly on objects close by.

    How Does Myopia Develop Our Children?How does it develop in children?
    The lens in the eye works like a lens in the camera; it needs to zoom in and out to focus on a specific object. When we are younger, the eye muscles

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  5. Researchers Discover Technology That Could Cure Blindness

    Have you ever wondered if it's possible to regain sight once you've lost it? According to two scientific researchers at Weill Cornell College in the U.S. believe it is more than possible.

    According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) in June 2012, there are 285 million people who are visual impaired worldwide; out of this, 39 million people are blind.

    In developing countries, cataracts are the leading causes of blindness. Cataract is a clouding that forms in the eye which can block out light and cause lost vision. You can be born with cataracts or develop it in your elderly years.

    Blindness is usually caused by diseases of the retina that kills off the photoreceptors which are normally responsible for creating the neural codes for our brains to convert into images. Despite these input cells being destroyed, the diseases do not attack the retina's output cells which deliver the codes to the brain.

    Breakthrough Discovery

    Prosthetic devices

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  6. The Guide To Oakley Lenses: Which Ones Are Right For You?
    The Guide To Oakley Lenses: Which Ones Are Right For You?

    Are you thinking about purchasing Oakley sunglasses or Oakley prescription sunglasses but don’t know which lenses to go for?
    This blog post will help you to decide which Oakley lenses are right for you based on your needs. Whether you wear your sunglasses occasionally or regularly for sports or driving, there are lenses specifically designed for those purposes.

    About Oakley

    Why is Oakley so popular with celebrities and sports legends? Oakley is one of the leading product design and sports performance brands in the world, established in 1975 and acquired in 2007, Oakley is chosen by world-class athletes to be worn in top-class competitions. Oakley is known for its innovative lens technologies including PRIZMTM, and a holder of more than 850 patents. As well as selling top class sunglasses, Oakley has now extended their position into spots apparel and accessories as well as an eyewear brand f

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  7. Varifocal Lenses: Which One Is Right For You?
    Varifocal Lenses: Which One Is Right For You?

    Do you need to wear varifocal glasses to correct your vision? Perhaps you have been wearing progressive contact lenses and wish to buy optical frames to use as an alternative to your contact lenses.

    With technology, we are able to offer progressive lenses that allow the wearer's eyes to adapt more quickly to the lenses and see better. Technology has also allowed us to specifically tailor the lenses to meet your needs.

    Types Of Varifocal Lenses

    Below are 4 types of progressive lenses you can choose from for your varifocal glasses.

    The Basic/Standard Type
    These lenses are the cheapest type of varifocal lenses on the market. They can be a good option for those on a tight budget however you will have to compensate for your field of vision.  These standard lenses have a narrow field of vision due to aberrations in the lenses. These lenses are not recommended for those

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  8. Wrap Around Sunglasses: Are They Right For You?

    Have you ever thought about purchasing a pair of wrap around sunglasses? Do you live an active lifestyle and need your eyewear to keep up to speed with you?

    Perhaps you’ve just been looking for sunglasses that can provide a better fit? If you've answered yes to any of the questions above, you may benefit from investing in a pair.

    This short post will briefly uncover the benefits of the eyewear and show you some of the best wrap around sunglasses currently available.

    What Are They?

    Wrap Around Sunglasses: Are They Right For You?When we mention the words ‘wrap around’ we are referring to the style of the eyewear i.e. Aviator sunglasses, squared sunglasses. Similar to the shield style, t

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  9. The 4 Main Types Of Contact Lenses: Which One Is Right For You?
    The 4 Main Types Of Contact Lenses: Which One Is Right For You?

    Do you want to wear contact lenses but not sure which one is right for you? It is easy to get bombarded with information about contact lenses when looking online.

    This short post will make it easy for you. Take a look at the 4 main types of contact lenses listed below to decide which one is right for you that suits your lifestyle and needs.

    Types of Contact Lenses

    There are four types of contact lenses; these lenses are categorised under soft lenses or hard lenses. If you normally wear bifocal or varifocal glasses, you can wear soft or 'hard' lenses.

    Soft lenses - Daily, monthly and continuous wear contact lenses are known as soft lenses. They have a soft structure and are developed from a hydrophilic material or silicone hydrogel.

    Hard lenses - Traditional hard lenses are rarely used. Rigid gas permeable lenses (RGP) are less flexible than soft lenses but allow more oxygen to pass through t

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  10. What Are Polarized Sunglasses?
    What Are Polarized Sunglasses?

    There is much talk about the benefits of wearing polarized sunglasses but do you actually know what they are or what they do?

    This short post will briefly explain what are polarized sunglasses and why they are a great investment, especially for those who are constantly outdoors.

    What Are Polarized Sunglasses?

    Polarized sunglasses blocks out the horizontal glare and haze from flat surfaces such as roads, desktops and tables, and water. A special film is applied to the lenses to make them polarized. When the light hits the lenses, the reflective light is filtered which eliminates the visible glare.

    Who Benefits From Them?

    If you are very sports-active or love the outdoors, these sunglasses should be a key investment for you. If you love to fish, the sunglasses will block out all of the reflection on the surface o

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  11. Which Frame Material Is Right For You?
    Which Frame Material Is Right For You?

    Are you torn between frame materials? Not too sure if you love the look of a metal frame more than the feel of an acetate frame? Or perhaps you suffer from metal allergies such as nickel and confused about what frame materials you can wear?

    At Fashion Eyewear we have over 50 brands for you to choose from and each of those uses different materials. Different materials used in eyewear can completely change a frame. We have acetate or metal for example. You may prefer one for fashion and style preferences or practical purposes.

    This short blog post will give briefly point out the properties and disadvantages of each frame material to help you choose the one that's right for you and your needs.

    Which Frame Material Is Right For You?


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  12. Prescription Sunglasses Vs. Photochromic Lenses: Which One Is Right For You?
    Prescription Sunglasses Vs. Photochromic Lenses: Which One Is Right For You?

    Surely you have seen or heard of prescription sunglasses and photochromic lenses, but how do you know which one is right for you?

    In this short post, we will give you the pros and cons of prescription sunglasses and photochromic lenses then briefly summarize which one we think is right for you based on your needs and concerns.

    Prescription Sunglasses

    At Fashion Eyewear we do prescription sunglasses so you can see in the sun in style wherever you are. Prescription sunglasses are practical, they save you from swapping from sunglass to optical glasses all day long. If you drive a lot, prescription sunglasses are especially useful as they allow you to drive in comfort. We have a choice of over 45 brands which you can choose from, from Gucci, Balenciaga, Dior, Ray-Ban, Kate Spade to Dita with a number of shapes and styles to suit your face shape. We also have a range of purpose frames that are designed

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