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aviator sunglasses

  1. Best Aviator Sunglasses & Glasses for 2020
    Best Aviator Sunglasses & Glasses for 2020

    Ray-Ban is always associated with Aviator The Ray-Ban Aviator has a history which is known throughout the world. If you aren’t aware of the history then here’s a recap. Ray-Ban was founded by Bausch & Lomb in 1937. They developed the Aviator for practical reasons - to protect the eyes of pilots during the war - but after the war aviator fashion soared including aviator jackets and eyewear. From then on Ray-Ban became pioneers in eyewear creating fashionable sunglasses worn by all. 

    The aviator now has been adopted and adapted by other luxury designer brands and the aviator frame has become more and more popular. For 2020 you can buy aviator in different styles, colours, sizes. We stock over 45 designer brands, so we have a large range of aviator frames you can shop. Here are some of

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  2. Sunglasses guide for men
    Sunglasses guide for men

    In essence, sunglasses are a practical being. I say ‘being’ because considering how big a role they currently play in the modern man’s life (the sun’s always out and shining somewhere in the world) - they might as well be elevated to a slightly sentient status.  

    However, they are not just a practical soul, for decades they have been our go-to fashion accessories, born to replace the days when a man was trendy if he owned a gazillion and one hat.  

     Today sunglasses have a dual purpose; they exist to shield your eyes from harmful UV rays (in fact doctors recommend that you wear sunglasses whenever the sun is out, no matter if this occurs during a winter snowstorm because apparently, this time looking the sun can be the most dangerous!) whilst letting you express your individual styles and keep up with the

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  3. Bruno Mars Sunglasses
    Bruno Mars Sunglasses


    American singer/songwriter Bruno Mars was originally born Peter Gene Hernandez in Honolulu, Hawaii. He developed his interest in music at a very young age and decided to make a career in the industry after graduating from high school. He soon moved to Los Angeles and started mixing with producers and songwriters in the music industry.

    His first popular appearance was as a vocalist for the song Billionaire by Travie McCoy. This was followed by a co-production for Right Round by Flo Rida and Wavin’ Flag by K’naan, which was the promotional anthem for the 201

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  4. Michael Kors MKS144 Review
    Michael Kors MKS144 Review

    Michael Kors MKS144Michael Kors has worked its way up to being one of the most popular brands since its establishment in 2002. The brand originally got famous for its stylish designer watches and handbag collections designed in New York. Many of the trademark Michael Kors elements from the handbags are featured on certain models of the eyewear collection.

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    The Michael Kors brand stands for the elegant jet setter lifestyle with an added touch

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