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carrera sunglasses

  1. Maui Jim VS Oakley
    Maui Jim VS Oakley

    Maui Jim VS Oakley Lenses

    Maui Jim and Oakley are both well-established eyewear brands with a focus on detail and quality. Our latest addition to our Maui Jim collection is their new lenses, Evolution and Brilliant. We now have a wider choice of lens brands that you could choose from, Maui Jim, Oakley, Nikon, Essilor, and our own Fashion Eyewear packages. If you are into sports and need a functional pair of glasses that fit your sporting needs, these two brands are the ones for you to look at it. It is hard to know which brand is the best, however, in this blog we will be looking at our new Maui Jim range VS Oakley lenses.

    So which is the best brand for you?

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  2. The Most Stylish Glasses For Men In 2019/2020
    The Most Stylish Glasses For Men In 2019/2020


    Do you struggle picking a frame whether it is optical or a pair of sunglasses? Whether you are buying for yourself or a loved one, choosing new pair of glasses can be a hard decision as there is so much choice. We have over 45 brands for you to choose from which all differ in style, shape, colour and lenses as well as the possibility of adding your own prescription. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to narrow all these options down to find the best one that suits you.

    Here is our help guide of the most stylish frames for autumn / winter 2019 to 2020:



    Walk into 2020 on trend in the latest sunglasses. To help you choose, our in house stylist has narrowed down our best sellers to the top five styles ranging

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  3. The Different Lens Colours And Their Benefits
    The Different Lens Colours And Their Benefits

    Lens technologies over the past 20 years have rapidly and greatly evolved. Today, we have many different options to choose from, making it much easier to find the right lens to suit our needs perfectly. Many brands are going out of their way to not only compete on quality, comfortability and style but how relevant their product is with regards to the needs of their clients. That is why in order to make full use of the wide range of lens options out there, it is important to determine which one is right one for you! Wearing the wrong sunglasses lens can negatively affect the level of pleasure derived from any activity, especially those that take place outdoors. But don’t you fret, we have compiled a list of all the different lens options and their benefits; all you have to do is sit back, relax and be prepared to improve your viewing experience.

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  4. 4 Styles You Need to Nab on Sale Right Now
    4 Styles You Need to Nab on Sale Right Now

    xmas product sun

    The iconic Persol 3072s sunglasses are one of the hottest selling styles of eyewear of all time. These notorious shades, popularised by the king of cool himself Steve McQueen from the 1950's by making appearances in many of his most notable films, have been updated and re-released to showcase the reborn Phoenix Arrow. “Brash, bold and chic” is how these stunning frames are described and appear in the wonderfully cinematic Film Noir promotional spot as the “Gangster Sunglasses”. We know what you’re thinking, how could something so bad look so good?

    Persol PO3072

    PERSOL PO3072S

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  5. Carrera 5001 Sunglasses Review

    Carrera 5001 SunglassesCarrera is a luxury brand that was founded in 1956.

    The brand initially began as a luxury sporting and performance eyewear brand. Wilhelm Anger Werker, the founder of the brand, had a passion for sports; particularly racing cars. He initially specialized in designing ski goggles and eyewear for racing car drivers. He formed his brand and named it after the famous Carrera Panamericana auto race. The brand is now part of the Italian eyewear group Safilo and the distinct eyewear is way ahead of its time.

    Carrera 5001
    The new

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  6. Carrera Champion/AC Review

    Lady Gaga Wearing Carrera ChampionCarrera is a famous eyewear brand that specialise in sports-inspired sunglasses. The brand dates back to 1956 where the founder, Wilhelm Anger Werker, was inspired by the Panamericana Auto race which went through Mexico. The brand was founded first in Austria but is now based in Italy. In 1996 the Safilo Group became the owners of the brand. Carrera designed the Champion and Safari sunglasses in 2008 which has since become their best-seller and iconic.

    The Carrera Champion/AC sunglasses are popular due to its flattering shape. They are available for both men and women and even available as a junior range. The glasses come in a wide range of colours and patterns for you to choose from. The

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  7. Carrera Grand Prix 2 Sunglasses Review

    Why The Carrera Grand Prix 2 Is More Stylish Than Other Designer Sunglasses!Featuring the Carrera Grand Prix 2, this model has been competing for the top spot as the best selling sunglasses of the year with some seriously tough models.

    Produced by Carrera, who are known for their sport-inspired eyewear, the Grand Prix 2 looks bold, modern, and striking. The racy stripe design on the frame and temple stems reflect the brand's heritage and identity. These cool, designer sunglasses are great for people who love to stay ahead of fashion trends or want to start their own trends. Fashion is supposed to be fun and personal, so make sure your eyewear reflects your personal tastes, style and personality.

    If you have an elegant, feminine style and prefer glamorous frames, it's highly doubtful that you'll want these Carrera Grand Prix 2 sunglasses for long. However, if you are someone who like to constantly change their style and look, go for it! This sporty style is totally different fr

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  8. Carrera 33 Sunglasses Review

    Save On Your Carrera 33 Sunglasses!This model is one of the best selling Carrera 33 sunglasses of this year.Thanks to its unique and stylish looks, many fashionistas and celebrities have been investing in a pair too! The Carrera brand originally started out in 1956 making sports eyewear such as goggles and also developed helmets for racing drivers. In the 1980's, this sport-technology brand produced their first prescription eyewear.

    Save On Your Carrera 33 Sunglasses!

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  9. Wrap Around Sunglasses: Are They Right For You?

    Have you ever thought about purchasing a pair of wrap around sunglasses? Do you live an active lifestyle and need your eyewear to keep up to speed with you?

    Perhaps you’ve just been looking for sunglasses that can provide a better fit? If you've answered yes to any of the questions above, you may benefit from investing in a pair.

    This short post will briefly uncover the benefits of the eyewear and show you some of the best wrap around sunglasses currently available.

    What Are They?

    Wrap Around Sunglasses: Are They Right For You?When we mention the words ‘wrap around’ we are referring to the style of the eyewear i.e. Aviator sunglasses, squared sunglasses. Similar to the shield style, t

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