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  1. Princess Charlene in Dior Sunglasses
    Princess Charlene in Dior Sunglasses

    The Dior Sunglasses - Fit for a Princess

    The world has an interesting fascination with royal families. People want to know what they are wearing and where they got it from. But no other lady is more revered for her style than Princess Charlene of Monaco. At an event celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Monagesque throne, she was spotted wearing a lovely pair of the Dior sunglasses. We have found a much newer and more popular model that rivals the original (the Dior Exquise) - it's the Dior Glisten 1. Both models are almost identical in the detailing and adornment on the temples and frame arms.

    dior glisten 1 sunglasses

    The lovely event was celebrated at the Prince’s Palace in Monaco. The royal family o

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  2. Rihanna wearing Dior So Real sunglasses in the new Dior Secret Garden IV campaign
    Rihanna wearing Dior So Real sunglasses in the new Dior Secret Garden IV campaign

    You've probably heard the news that our one and only Bajan queen Rihanna has been crowned the new face of Dior in the brand's Secret Garden IV Versailles campaign. The images were released last week when she posted the campaign on her social media. We also shared the teaser video which was well received on our Facebook page. The images feature Rihanna wearing this season’s most popular Dior sunglass model, the “Dior So Real.” She is also wearing clothing from the previous collection and looking ultra stylish.


    The singer from Barbados has gone on to make her mark

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