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  1. Kristen Stewart in Chanel 5291B sunglasses
    Kristen Stewart in Chanel 5291B sunglasses

    Kristen Stewart, the girl who transformed before our eyes over the course of the Twilight series (long live Bella and Edward), did it again, this time thrilling us with her transformation from rock-and-roll grunge chic to posh and feminine when she stepped out in a sleeveless Chanel mini dress for her arrival at the at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week.

    She didn't abandon her personal style completely when she included a pair of gorgeous oversized sunglasses to her immaculate ensemble. That’s why we love this girl! She is a woman who understands that staying true to yourself in life and in fashion is what truly makes a woman most desirable.

    Stewart joined style legend, Renaissance man and the mind overseeing the iconic Chanel range Karl Lagerfeld along with the SS2014 eyewear campaign front woman Alice Dellal for an appearance at one of the most hotly attended events of the year. Both Lagerfeld and Stewart epitomised cool when they accessorised with serious statement s

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  2. Chanel Camellia Sunglasses Collection
    Chanel Camellia Sunglasses Collection

    The allure of Chanel eyewear lies in so many things but as the history of Gabrielle Coco Chanel ‘s beloved camellia flower proves, true transcendental beauty and enduring charm comes from a place that is as genuine and devoted as the reverential fashion house is to every emblem that comprises the visionary’s legacy.

    “Chanel is composed of only a few elements, white camellias, quilted bags and Austrian doorman’s jackets, pearls, chains, shoes with black toes. I use these elements like notes to play with.” - Karl Lagerfeld

    As one of the most important elements within the brand, the Camellia lends its supple beauty to a design that has since become the French Fashion house’s most iconic symbols.


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  3. The New Season Chanel Glasses: Chain Collection
    The New Season Chanel Glasses: Chain Collection


    Chanel chain



    Bold, understated elegance and designs that are both modern and timeless at the same time - from the iconic French luxury fashion house, Chanel. Keeping a simplistic approach to design, Chanel has created what is now some of the most elegant glasses lines. The brand has been using the same signature elements on their eyewear designs that are present in their ready-to-wear collections as well. Some of the clas

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  4. 9 ways some of the most stylish Faces in Eyewear do Summer
    9 ways some of the most stylish Faces in Eyewear do Summer

    From the streets of New York to the beaches of Rimini accomplished fashion photographer Scott Schuman combines his love of fashion and artful photo direction to produce his charmingly candid and stylish blog Faces by the Sartorialist.

    His blog, which is quickly growing in popularity having been featured in Harper's Bazaar and Vogue to name a few, features a collection of brilliant street style moments of everyday people captured in some of the most fashion conscious cities of the world. The most alluring draw for us is the particular focus on eyewear and the "faces" that don them. So if you're a glasses wearer looking for inspiring ways to incorporate your frames into your fashion decisions then here's what we learned this season from our new obsession Faces by the Sartorialist:


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  5. Chanel CH5280Q Review
    Chanel CH5280Q Review

    Chanel CH5280

    Chanel CH5280

    Chanel is known for timeless elegance, sophisticated design and high quality materials in its eyewear collection. The CH5280Q is one of the latest models from the brand and a re-design of the best seller 5171 sunglasses. The difference between the 5171 and the 5280Q is that the delicate bow charm on the CH5280Q is made of finest patent leather for an added touch of luxury. The classic bow charm was one of Coco Chanel’s lucky symbols, a

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  6. Chanel 5276Q Review
    Chanel 5276Q Review


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    Part of the highly popular Charms collection, CHANEL has launched its latest sunglasses models featuring the symbolic bow.

    The new designs with the stylish bow decoration are the latest version of the brand's best seller model from the same collection, the Chanel 5171. The classic

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  7. Miranda Kerr in Chanel Pearl Sunglasses

    Chanel 6040H

    Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr is wearing Chanel

    Australian model Miranda Kerr is mostly famous for her work as a Victoria’s Secret Angel for the famous lingerie brand. Kerr started her career at the age of 13 when she entered a modelling competition in Sydney, Australia. She soon started working for international surfing brands: Roxy and Billabong. After moving to New York, she signed up with NEXT model management and started appearing on TV adverts, ru

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  8. Chanel CH5248 Review

    Chanel 5248The luxury label Chanel dates all the way back to 1921. The French fashion house is one of the most famous and desirable designer labels to exist. Everyone around the world is familiar with the brand and instantly recognizes the double ‘C’ logo which is used in a lot of its designs. The brand is known for a lot of signature emblems they use throughout their designs within clothing and accessories. These features include quilting, pearls, tweed, metal chains and the camellia flower. All of the brand’s designs have a simple look which breathes class and elegance.

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