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christian dior sunglasses

  1. Rihanna In Tokyo Wearing The New Dior Mirrored Sunglasses
    Rihanna In Tokyo Wearing The New Dior Mirrored Sunglasses

    Just over a week ago, our favourite style maven, Miss Robin Rihanna Fenty went to Tokyo to attend a presentation of Dior’s latest collection. On the red carpet the Bajan star was draped in head to toe Dior. It almost seemed like we were reliving the moment she brought the So Real sunglasses to life and on everyone’s radar. On her well structured face was a stunning pair of Dior’s latest sunglasses model – the Dior Mirrored in a metallic pink palladium colour.



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  2. Dior So Real Sunglasses on Instagram #SOREAL
    Dior So Real Sunglasses on Instagram #SOREAL

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    This season, there has only been one major pair of sunglasses on people’s minds, the “Dior So Real.” If you are active on social media or read fashion magazines then you’ll know exactly what we mean. Since the announcement of Rihanna’s “Secret Garden 4” campaign with Dior, we have seen an increase in the popularity of the model – which was also featured in the campaign.

    coco chanel

    If you like celebrity style and being a fashion influencer in your own right then you should try these on for size. We see this model being popular all through this summer as well. What’s lovely about this pair is that they were popular 2-3 seasons ago as well. The fact that the sunglasses have no nose bridge is what keeps them popula

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  3. Dior Mystery 2 Review

    Dior Mystery 2

    If you want to get noticed and make a fashion statement with your sunglasses and not just an afterthought, Dior sunglasses are the perfect choice. The ultra-chic Dior Mystery 2 adds an instant intrigue to your style and the elegance of a Hollywood star.




    Luxury goods company Christian Dior was founded by French designer Christian Dior in 1946, quickly growing into one of the world’s top fashion houses that is today. While Dior designs are mainly targeted at ladies, there’s a separate men’s line, Dior Homme and baby Dior for childrenswear.

    Christian Dior became extremely popular and a sought-after desig

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  4. Dior Croisette 3 Review

    Dior Croisette 3The French fashion label Dior was founded in 1946. Christian Dior is the man behind the brand and had an artistic flair at an early age. When he was a young boy he sold his fashion sketches outside of his house. In 1928, he left school to set up his own small art gallery.

    After World War 2 people needed something new to look forward to in order to move on from the tragedies. Dior created new shapes and silhouettes which was labeled as the ‘New Look’ and was an instant success. He reestablished Paris as the centre of the fashion world and was the most influential designer in the 1940s/50s.


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  5. New! The Dior Demoiselle Review

    New Dior Demoiselle 2 SunglassesThis post is all about the new Dior Demoiselle sunglasses collection that has just been launched by Christian Dior eyewear.

    This collection belongs to the brand's Spring/Summer collection for this year however these stunning sunglasses can only be reserved from exclusive online retailers and high street stores. Let's take a closer look at the Dior Demoiselle to see what everybody is getting excited about.

    The Christian Dior Demoiselle collection is designed for ladies who love contemporary style eyewear with a timelessly elegant touch. The beautiful butterfly frame enhances every women's facial features and accentuates femininity. The pastel shades that the Demoiselle comes in emphasizes

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  6. Dior Flanelle 3 Review

    Click Here To Buy The Dior Flanelle 3Founded in 1947, this luxurious French brand has managed to maintain its high-ranking position in the world of fashion for so long.

    Christian Dior, the founder of the couture House of Dior always created designs that were ultra feminine, luxurious, glamorous and timelessly elegant. This is no different for the brand's latest sunglasses collection.

    This post is all about the Dior Flanelle 3 which is currently one of the latest sunglass models to be released this year. There is something really special about this unique collection. The design of the eyewear including the premium acetate the frames are made out of were exclusively developed by the Maison (House) of Dior. The frame's patterns were to resemble

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