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  1. Shay Mitchell's Eyewear Style
    Shay Mitchell's Eyewear Style


    When this breakout star isn't starring in one of the most successful shows running and one our favourite Sunday night Netflix binge addictions, Pretty Little Liars; she’s living the life we live in our daydreams by travelling to global hotspots and reminding us of the sunglass styles we have our eyes on.

    Before being cast in Pretty Little Liars at the age of 21, she worked as model wear she was campaigning for American Eagle Outfitters. Shay Mitchell started young in her modelling and actor career, in 2011 she received a Young Hollywood Award for her work on Pretty Little Liars. Now she is starring in Lifetimes YOU w

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  2. The Different Lens Colours And Their Benefits
    The Different Lens Colours And Their Benefits

    Lens technologies over the past 20 years have rapidly and greatly evolved. Today, we have many different options to choose from, making it much easier to find the right lens to suit our needs perfectly. Many brands are going out of their way to not only compete on quality, comfortability and style but how relevant their product is with regards to the needs of their clients. That is why in order to make full use of the wide range of lens options out there, it is important to determine which one is right one for you! Wearing the wrong sunglasses lens can negatively affect the level of pleasure derived from any activity, especially those that take place outdoors. But don’t you fret, we have compiled a list of all the different lens options and their benefits; all you have to do is sit back, relax and be prepared to improve your viewing experience.

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  3. Ted Baker Godard TB4209 Review
    Ted Baker Godard TB4209 Review


    These stylish Ted Baker Godard frames are one of Ted Baker's best-selling spectacles from their recent collection.

    The Ted Baker Godard is from the men's optical collection however it's sophisticated unisex appeal may also appeal to women who like this kind of style. There are many women who prefer masculine frames as the shape of then eyewear looks more graphic and sharp.

    ted baker godard

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  4. How to Wear the Ray-Ban Clubmaster
    How to Wear the Ray-Ban Clubmaster

    The Ray-Ban Clubmaster is one of the most stylish timeless frames we have in stock. The Clubmaster has been around now for many years worn by the most famous and the most stylish, as well as being redesigned and reinvented. Not only to modernise the design so it is on-trend for the up and coming trend forecasts, but for ultimate optical quality.

    About Ray-Ban

    Versatility is one of the most important indicators into whether or not we're going home with a certain pair of shades or not. So what is one of our go-to brands that possess style and versatility? Ray-Ban

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  5. Oliver Peoples Sir Series Review
    Oliver Peoples Sir Series Review


    World-renowned and highly influential Oliver Peoples have released its new Sir series. The series includes three styles: Sir O'Malley, Sir Finley and Sir Kent. Each collection features impeccable design, excellent craftsmanship and stunning variations of colour. In continuation of the Oliver Peoples Vintage Circa 1987 collection, the Sir series is inspired by the iconic brand's distinguished personality and is a celebration of the brand's ensured success.

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  6. All Time Best Dressed in Eyewear
    All Time Best Dressed in Eyewear

    We love our eyewear, is that any surprise? This past year has seen the unveiling of some of our favourite collections yet. With the Fall/Winter collections soon to be revealed by some our favourite brands and the summer season slowly coming to an end, we are counting down some of our favourite Eyewear Style Stars of over the years.

    20. Miranda Kerr

    The Australian model is best known for her Victoria Secret campaign and is the former wife of english actor Orlando bloom. Kerr is also a published writer with her self-help book Treasure Yourself. Career began when she was 13 years old. Kerr became a mom to her son Flynn with whom she co parents with former husband Orlando Bloom. Like mother like son, stylish little Flynn could have a career in fashion himself.

    Featured Sunglasses Brand: Chanel

    Get t

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  7. 9 ways some of the most stylish Faces in Eyewear do Summer
    9 ways some of the most stylish Faces in Eyewear do Summer

    From the streets of New York to the beaches of Rimini accomplished fashion photographer Scott Schuman combines his love of fashion and artful photo direction to produce his charmingly candid and stylish blog Faces by the Sartorialist.

    His blog, which is quickly growing in popularity having been featured in Harper's Bazaar and Vogue to name a few, features a collection of brilliant street style moments of everyday people captured in some of the most fashion conscious cities of the world. The most alluring draw for us is the particular focus on eyewear and the "faces" that don them. So if you're a glasses wearer looking for inspiring ways to incorporate your frames into your fashion decisions then here's what we learned this season from our new obsession Faces by the Sartorialist:


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  8. Nike 4246 Review
    Nike 4246 Review

    Nike 4246The brand Nike was founded in 1964 under the original name Blue Ribbon Sports. Since its establishment, Nike stands for the greatest quality sports equipment used by professional athletes around the world. The brand currently sponsors different sports, such as football, golf, tennis and running.

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    The name Nike (after the Greek goddess of victory associated with the original Olympic Games)

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  9. Michael Kors MKS144 Review
    Michael Kors MKS144 Review

    Michael Kors MKS144Michael Kors has worked its way up to being one of the most popular brands since its establishment in 2002. The brand originally got famous for its stylish designer watches and handbag collections designed in New York. Many of the trademark Michael Kors elements from the handbags are featured on certain models of the eyewear collection.

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    The Michael Kors brand stands for the elegant jet setter lifestyle with an added touch

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  10. Christian Dior CD3215 Review

    Click Here To Buy The Dior CD3215This is a review on the Christian Dior CD3215 which is now available at Fashion Eyewear. These optical frames are very stylish and modern which makes them ideal for sophisticated women who are looking for simple yet stylish eyewear.

    In this review, we will take a closer look at the unique design of the CD3215 to understand why these glasses are such a popular model. These frames are from the women's ophthalmic collection and were launched earlier this year.

    These Christian Dior frames were designed with style and comfort in mind. The acetate frame of the eyewear has a very unique shape from all other optical frames in the brand's collection. The glasses have glamorous metal detailing on the temples which is also a functional

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  11. TF1057G Review

    Click Here To Buy The Tiffany TF1057GIn 2008, this prestigious jewellery company launched its first eyewear collection. Adding to its extensive list of luxurious accessories, the brand's eyewear designs are inspired by its jewellery collections.

    The TF1057G design was exclusively created for the eyewear collection. Tiffany glasses are always so elegantly crafted.

    The company follows a 'less is more' approach to design which may seem a bit simple for some people although for Tiffany admirers, this understated appeal is perfect. This short review will take a closer look at the design and features of this model. Firstly, let's take a look at the design of this spectacular optical collection.

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