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designer glasses

  1. Oakley Rhinochaser OX3111 In 01 Cement Review

    Oakley OX3111The Oakley brand is the number one choice for performance and sporting eyewear. Their glasses have been proven to help athletes during fitness due to the comfort and visual aid they provide. People, especially sporting professionals, do not wish to be irritated and feel the weight of glasses on their face. Oakley use the finest materials engineered with optical knowledge, that the design team incorporate, so that they are the best. The brand believes that nothing is impossible and strives to always bring the industry something new. They pride themselves that all of their designs are completely their own and everything else that may resemble them is a fake.

    Oakley Rhinochaser

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  2. Oakley Crosslink Switch OX3128 Review
    Oakley Crosslink Switch OX3128 Review

    Jim Jannard, the creator of the Oakley brand, is famous for believing that nothing is impossible. He redefines products and challenges the limits of the industry’s expectations. Jannard thinks that new ideas require new technologies and that every product to exist can always be improved on. The world is changing every day and people are demanding products to be better both functionally and fashionably. Oakley’s eyewear is number one for performance and sports in the optical industry. Many athletes and sporting professionals wear the brand’s glasses as it consistently helps them with their performances.

    The Oakley Crosslink Switch is a new design and proves Jannard’s beliefs that everything can evolve. This model is insp

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  3. D&G DD3081 502/13 In Havana/Brown Gradient Review

    D&G DD3081Dolce and Gabbana is a true Italian heritage brand which oozes class and sophistication. Their world is made up of traditions of the Mediterranean culture which is glamorous and versatile.

    The brand’s designs are classy and are the reason as to why they are adored by Hollywood stars and fashionistas everywhere.


    Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana founded the brand and used their surnames as their trademark. It is shocking to believe that a global sensation such as this brand has only existed since 1985. The D&G DD3081 sunglasses are currently a best-selling model from the brand’s eyewear range. The brand launched their glasses back in 1995, a decade after the brand was born

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  4. Hugo Boss 0368 In R80 Dark Ruthenium Review

    Hugo Boss 0368Hugo Boss is a prestigious, luxury designer brand, mostly famous for their men’s suits. The brand initially started in 1924 but gained huge success in the 50s with their crisp, sharp suit designs. In 1969, the brand was completely reshaped but still remained true to the brand’s clean cut style. In the early 70s, the brand expanded and added to their range with fragrances and sport related products. Then in 1989, their eyewear range was launched. Their eyewear portrays the brand’s style of simplicity and elegance.

    The Hugo Boss 0368 glasses are currently the b

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  5. Oakley Crosslink OX8027 In 02 Grey Smoke Review

    Oakley CrosslinkOakley is a famous brand known for specializing in products that enhance performances during sports. Since 1975, the brand is known to seek problems in the world and solve them with innovative inventions, with a touch of style. One of their mottos is that nothing is impossible, that products can always be evolved to function better and look better. Their designs are inspired by looking at the world and sports for inspiration.


    Oakley Crosslink OX8027

    The Oakley Crosslink is a unique masterpiece made to incorporate your style and mood. You

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  6. Ray-Ban RB5244 In 2034 Top Black On Transparent Review

    Ray-Ban RB5244Whether it is glasses, sunglasses, function or fashion, Ray-Ban is undeniably the most famous eyewear brand in the world. The famous brand signature is recognised by men, women and even children. They are known for being one of the best designer brands for the optical world and for bringing us iconic frames. In 1937, which is when the brand first formed, the aviator sunglasses were made and then in 1952, they brought us the Wayfarer. These two classic glasses remain famous and popular to this day. Their glasses are always in high demand and come in different colours, patterns and sizes as well as completely new designs.

    The Ray Ban RB5244 spectacles are currently a best-seller in the brand’s optical range. This model is available in many different colours but the top black on transparent is very sophisticated and stylish which is why it is the most popular. Black is classic, smart and matches any style but this particular f

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  7. Polo Ralph Lauren PH2047 5003 In Havana Review

    Click here to buy the Polo Ralph Lauren PH2047This brand is instantly recognisable by its 'Big Pony' logo, vibrant use of colour, and preppy-school style fashion.

    The other half to this brand has a softer, sophisticated, Parisian style. This review is based on the PH2047 which adopts both personalities of Polo glasses but more of the prep-school fashion style.

    The Polo Ralph Lauren PH2047 is from the men's ophthalmic collection. The classic round frame shape of the PH2047 is very elegant and sophisticated. These fully rimmed frames will be able to support most prescriptions however it is recommended that people with medium-high prescriptions will need to invest in a thinner and lighter 1.6 lens. The simplistic style of this model symbolises that the brand wanted to keep things really simple and 'less is more' with this model.

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  8. Ray Ban RB5187 2012 In Dark Havana Review

    Click Here To Buy The Ray Ban RB5187Ray Ban is not only well known for their sunglasses collection, the brand is also recognised for their funky collection of ophthalmic frames (glasses).

    Ray Bay spectacles can be worn with or without prescription lenses. For people who are in need of prescription lenses, these fully-rimmed frames will be able to support up to med-high prescriptions in standard 1.5 lenses.

    The Ray Ban RB5187 above is a rectangle optical frame from the Ray Ban ophthalmic collection for men. Even though these are glasses for men, the style of the RB5187 is elegant enough to be worn by women. The sophisticated rectangle frame shape is a classic shape that is loved by both male and female spectacle wearers. The stunning tortoise shell frame gives off a very stylish touch to the frames. The small intricate detailing on the frame arms complete the look.

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  9. Tiffany TF2044B In 8001 Black Review

    Tiffany TF2044BTiffany & Co is notably one of the most famous luxury brands in the world that specialise in jewellery. The brand dates back to 1837 where the first store opened in New York City. To this day, the company’s headquarters and flagship store is located in New York. Anyone will tell you Tiffany exudes class, sophistication and elegance. From the designs which are all masterpieces down to the packaging, the famous blue box and ribbon. Charles Lewis Tiffany, founder of the brand, stated that the blue box can only be acquired to those purchasing.



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  10. RayBan RB5206 2445 In Havana/Green Review

    Ray-Ban RB5206Ray Ban are highly respected and well known in the optical industry since 1937. Bausch and Lomb, founders of the brand, were optical experts and initially designed sunglasses which soon became iconic. The aviators and the Wayfarers designed are best-sellers to this day and is the reason why the brand celebrates 75 years of success. The brand is equally known for their prescription lenses as well as sunglasses.


    The RayBan RB5206 glasses are a best-selling model in the optical range the brand has to offer. The glasses take on the classic glasses rectangular frame shape. They are made

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  11. Paul Smith Dandee PS8190 (PM8190) Review

    Paul Smith DandeeSir Paul Smith was knighted in 2000 for his success in menswear which started over three decades ago. His first store opened in Nottinghamshire, which is where he lives. The brand’s style is a mix of English tradition and eccentricity. He was one of the first to make formal fashion more fun. Using sharp lines in smart suits with a blend of humour such as the use of colour or pattern. The clothing line depicts Smith’s character of being a proud British man with a sense of humour. There are currently 200 shops worldwide including markets. Smith is still involved with the brand as chairman and as designer.

    Paul Smith Dandee


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  12. The Ray Ban Clubmaster RB5154 2000 In Shiny Black

    Click Here To Buy The Ray Ban RB5154 2000These Ray Ban glasses are one of the best-selling frames from the brand's ophthalmic range.

    The super stylish design of these glasses are ideal for the modern and sophisticated men of the world. The style of this unique and distinctive model has been worn by several famous faces including Malcolm X and James Dean.

    Founded in 1937, this American brand has managed to capture the hearts of people all over the world. There unique style and brand identity is instantly recognisable. The review below takes a look at the Ray Ban Clubmaster 5154 to see why it is so popular and how it has become the best-selling semi-rimless frame of the year.

    The Ray Ban Clubmaster truly reflects the quintessential style of America. The classic and iconic brow-line frame brings the wearer back to the 1940's when browline glasses were a popular style. Nationalist leader, Malcolm X was a strong, bold and independent man and like his personality, his eyewear reflected similar qualities. The

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