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designer glasses

  1. The Oakley Crosslink OX8027 01 In Satin Black

    Click Here To Buy The Oakley OX8027 01American brand, Oakley has been voted by Fashion Eyewear customers as the number one manufacturer for sports eyewear.

    Thanks to the brand's totally innovative materials and sports technology, customers are able to get the best optical and sports performance out of their Oakley eyewear.

    The Oakley Crosslink is for people who want functional frames that looks as good as it performs. The aesthetic design of the Crosslink is simply awesome. From the rectangle frame shape to the fully-rimmed setting of the frames, the design of the eyewear is simple but very well-crafted. The incredible 'O' matter material allows the frames to be super light but very strong and durable.


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  2. The Ray Ban New Wayfarer RB5184 2144 In Havana

    Click Here To Buy The Ray Ban New Wayfarer 5184Ray Ban Wayfarers are one of the most sought-after frames in the world. From the streets of Tokyo to the roads of London, the wayfarer style is extremely popular.

    From first impressions, these glasses just look like a super-cool, modern frame that's designed by fashion designers however it has a real story to tell.

    The story behind the brand begins in 1937 when 'Ray Ban' was first created by an optical company called Bausch and Lomb. The name, Ray Ban, is a really clever play on words as it is said to represent the purpose of the brand which is to ban rays of the sun. The first pair of Ray Bans was polarized aviator sunglasses created for air pilots and aviators of the World War. A few years later, the brand then developed their first collection of ophthalmic frames.

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  3. Oliver Peoples Larrabee OV5005 Review

    OV5005Larry Leight opened the first Oliver Peoples store in 1986 in the Sunset Boulevard in California. In 1987, he designed a special pair of glasses specifically for Andy Warhol, to wear for a German Vogue cover shoot, which became memorable and an instant hit. Now, over 25 years later, the brand still celebrates success and is popular with many Hollywood elites and high-profile celebrities. Some of the brand’s eyewear has even been featured in hit movies and seen as iconic.

    Oliver Peoples Larrabee

     The Oliver Peoples Larrabee is a classic and vintage-inspired frame. Famously seen in th

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  4. Oliver Peoples Diandra OV1126T Review

    DiandraCelebrating over 25 years of success Oliver Peoples is a highly established eyewear brand within its own right. The first ever boutique store opened in 1986 in Hollywood, California. Creative director and founder of the brand, Larry Leight, has a fascination with vintage eyewear and all of his designs are inspired by vintage fashion. After winning a collection of vintage frames at an auction, Leight sold them and noticed how popular the retro style was with people. He then started creating his own eyewear which instantly became a huge success.

    Oliver Peoples Diandra


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  5. Oliver Peoples Gregory Peck OV5186 Review
    Oliver Peoples Gregory Peck OV5186 Review


    Oliver Peoples is a prestigious eyewear brand known all around the world. Their glasses all have a vintage-inspired design mainly because this is fashionable but also because creative director, Larry Leight, is fascinated with vintage eyewear. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the legendary literary work and famous film ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’, the band released a pair of glasses which replicate the iconic pair that the protagonist, Atticus Finch, played by Gregory Peck, wore in the classic movie.

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  6. Oliver Peoples Fairmont OV5219 Review
    Oliver Peoples Fairmont OV5219 Review

    Opticians and brothers Larry and Dennis Leight made their dreams come true when they opened their first optical boutique store in Hollywood, California. The layout of the store is just as important as the products themselves. Creative director, Larry Leight, wishes to give people a unique retail experience when shopping in the Oliver Peoples stores. Stores are set in a gallery-like setting and you are able to view glasses with ease. Leight won a collection of pristine vintage glasses, at an auction back in 1986, which came with a receipt. Printed on the receipt was the name ‘Oliver Peoples’ and out of honour Leight sold the glasses in his name; a brand was born.


    The Oliver Peop

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  7. Polo Ralph Lauren PH2039 5011 In Top Black/Crystal Review

    Polo Ralph Lauren PH2039Ralph Lauren is an established fashion house label known around the world. The designer and founder of the brand, Ralph Lauren, initially sold men’s ties in 1967. He believed there were no boundaries in designs and wanted to give something new but classy to menswear. Instead of skinny ties, which were the only option for ties at the time, Lauren designed a wider tie that was colourful. They were so popular that Lauren continued to design more menswear and eventually women’s wear. In the 80s, when the brand became more popular internationally, different collections such as home and eyewear were introduced.


    The Polo Ralph Lauren PH2

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  8. The Paul Smith Darley PM8139 Review

    Click Here To Buy The Paul Smith Darley The Paul Smith eyewear collection is perfect for people who are looking for spectacles that are designed with a purpose, pride and personality.

    Every pair of the brand's frames are made with pure love as well as creativity and practicality. What is more worse than buying eyewear that cannot fulfil its basic purposes?

    Paul Smith Darley

    Luxury designer eyewear brands offer excellent quality products that are made to last. This review is all about the Paul Smith Darley now available at Fashion Eyewear. It's one of the brand's best-selling models of the month and is an incredibly popular frame. The slightly cat-eye frame style would look stunning on most face shapes, especially those who have oval, heart or oblong face shapes. The curvature o

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  9. The Oakley Transistor OX3085 22-236 Ducati/Pewter Review

    Oakley TransistorOakley eyewear was launched in the 1980s when Jim Jannard sold ski goggles. He initially started the business in 1975 where he designed products that were innovative and like no other. Jannard questions products that we are accustomed to and wants to improve them so that they provide us with a better experience and also looks more visually appealing. He believes that every product has the room for improvement and can make our lives easier and more comfortable.


    Oakley Transistor

    The Oakley Transistor

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  10. The Paul Smith Glyn PM8126 Review

    The Paul Smith Glyn PM8126 1005 In BlackIf you love designer eyewear brands that are very exclusive, you need to take a look at the Paul Smith optical collection.

    Filled with sleek and sophisticated glasses frames, the brand offers a wide range of excellent hand-made spectacles that are superbly understated and super trendy. This review will take a closer look at the following model.

    The Paul Smith Glyn is the best-selling frame from the brand's optical collection. The super-sleek and defined look of the spectacles will surely appeal to men who take pride in their appearance. The rectangle frame shape is also a classic style that is loved by all men. Most rectangle styles give the wearer a smart, sophisticated look yet in a very understated kind of way. The limited use of branding on this model is perfect for people who are looking for glasses with minimal designs.

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  11. The Paul Smith PS-423 PM8056 Review

    PM8056The Paul Smith brand is known for its English heritage look with a twist. Paul Smith started designing in the late 70s and initially begun with men’s clothing. He introduced a playful spin on the traditional menswear which can sometimes be deemed as dull and plain. Smith still sticks to classic and sharp lines so that the designs are smart but he makes them stylish and modern with the unexpected use of colour and patterns. In 1994, the eyewear collection was launched and is a huge success. In recent years, the brand now caters for women and is becoming popular all over the world.

    Paul Smith PS-423

    The Paul Smith PS-423

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  12. The Ray Ban RB5228 2000 In Black

    The Ray Ban RB5228 2000 in black Love Ray Ban glasses? If the answer is yes, then read on! This review is all about the super-trendy and super-flattering Ray Ban 5228 in Black.

    This model is the best-selling frame of the year but no doubt and is one of the greatest investments to any trendsetter. In this post we will show you how you can dress up or dress down these amazing frames for both men and women.

    These unisex spectacles are so stylish it's a wonder why they haven't received their applause much earlier on. Unlike the Harajuku girls of Japan and the fashion-forward South Korean teens, the Western world has only just come round to embracing vintage fashion and retro eyewear. We sniggered and chuckled softly at the idea of wearing optical glasses without lenses but because of our ignorance we never realised quick enough what a fashion-craze this trend became. Now everywhere people are wearing geek glasses like the Ray

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