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designer glasses

  1. The Chanel 3221Q C622 Black Review

    Chanel 3221QCoco Chanel completely changed fashion for women. She was the first designer to make clothes comfortable for women to wear back in 1910. Stripping down all the fuss and frills and keeping everything minimalistic. Initially Coco designed hats and then brought us fragrances. She then designed clothes and accessories. Signature Chanel features and what the brand is famous for is the use of quilt, pearls, chains and tweed. The simple colours of black and white incorporated with these features makes a Chanel product instantly recognisable. Karl Lagerfeld, the current creative director for Chanel, embodies that tradition but also adds his own modern flair.

    Chanel 3221Q

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  2. The Chanel CH3219 C501 In Black

    The Chanel 3219 C501 In BlackThis is one of the most classic and timeless frames from the brand's optical collection.

    Seen on the most trendiest fashionistas to doting Chanel lovers, these spectacles are the perfect accessory for any outfit. If you are looking to add a delicate designer accessory to complete your look, the 3219 model is right for you.

    The Chanel 3219 is an elegant frame that looks simple and totally understated. The frames are designed for women's faces; the square/cat-eye shape looks great on any face shape. The thin full rimmed frame may look dainty but it's very strong and resilient. Don't forget to opt for lens coatings whether you wear prescription lenses or not. Lens coatings keep your lenses free from scratches, dirt, smudges and dust.

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  3. The Oliver Peoples Lance-R OV5003 Review

    The Oliver Peoples Lance-R OV5003 ReviewOliver Peoples was founded in 1986 by the Leight Brothers. They opened their first optical boutique in West Hollywood, California.

    Unlike any other optical store, the Oliver Peoples boutique offered customers beautiful vintage eyewear as well as a unique retail experience. Set out in a gallery-like setting, the glasses were kept in glass cases and cabinets.

    The company's success began to grow and by 1989 the first international Peoples gallery boutique was built in Japan. Blending together style and craftsmanship, the company produces high-quality eyewear that is fashion-forward and incredibly unique. The Oliver Peoples Lance-R is a cool and quirky optical frame from the brand's latest collection. The 1002 Storm model (pictured above) would be great for people who love the look of a semi-rimless frame but prefer fully-rimmed frames.

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  4. Oliver Peoples Follies OV5194 Review

    FolliesIt is hard to believe that the Oliver Peoples brand has only existed since the late 80s. They are such a prestigious brand in the eyewear industry that some would assume they were older. Celebrating 25 years of success and creating glasses of the highest quality, with the coolest designs, is what makes them such an exclusive choice. The first ever store to open back in 1986 was in the Sunset Boulevard of Hollywood and to this day Hollywood elites are huge fans of the company. Many celebrities including Elijah Wood wear the frames and have even collaborating with campaigns involving new releases.

    Oliver Peoples Follies


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  5. The Oliver Peoples Alix OV5164 Review

    Click Here To Buy The Oliver Peoples Alix OV5164Discover the best-selling Oliver Peoples frame of the month.

    This is the Peoples' Alix. The model is from the brand's latest optical collection released this year and already it's proven to be one of the most popular frames in the collection.

    Sleek, sophisticated and very elegant; the Oliver Peoples Alix is absolutely stunning to look at. The beautiful high-gloss finish of the frames is even visible in this image of the model. For a brand like Peoples, they would not cut back on their standards of quality or craftsmanship. Every frame produced by the company is hand-crafted and created using human-operated machinery. This model is a simple frame that has been beautifully made. The Alix doesn't need much detail or 'frills' because it's really made to a very high standard.

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  6. The Oliver Peoples Zuko-R OV5001 Review

    Click Here To Buy The Oliver Peoples Zuko-RIf you love tortoise shell frames, then take a look at this stunning model. These frames belong to the optical collection of the Oliver Peoples brand.

    Stylish, distinctive and unique; these glasses are sure to please people who want to stand out from the crowd. What makes these spectacles even more special is that they don't plaster the brand's name all over the eyewear.

    If you really love sophisticated designer eyewear but hate it when you can see logos and branding all over the frames, this brand is right for you. The Oliver Peoples Zuko-R is one of the most classic and elegant model in the optical collection. The rectangle frame shape is a classic design and actually one of the most popular frame shapes for both men and women. This model was originally designed for men however let your personal taste shine! If you love the look of these spectacles and you're a woman, go for it. The unisex appeal of this model means you won't suffer

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  7. Oliver Peoples NDG OV5031 Review
    Oliver Peoples NDG OV5031 Review


    Vintage and retro style is currently taking the fashion world by storm. Everyone wants an original and authentic item. Designers are always looking into the past for inspiration but adding their own vision and modern features to satisfy customers of today. Vintage looking glasses need to be made of the highest quality so that they last long. Oliver Peoples collaborated with the company NDG ‘Nom de Guerre’, a high-end fashion label, to design a specific pair of vintage-looking glasses. They wanted to create a pair of frames taking inspiration from New York Art, fashion and culture.

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  8. Oliver Peoples Luv OV5161 Review

    Oliver Peoples LuvOliver Peoples is a high-end and elite brand in the eyewear world. Well known by those who know their designer brands and has knowledge in the best optical eyewear. The brand is different from any other designer and prides itself that it does not feel the need to mark and label their glasses with a logo. This means they are not branded and are unique to each individual. It also means it is far more respected as the brand does not need to boast and wearer’s do not want to brag what designer they are wearing.

    Oliver Peoples Luv

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  9. The Oliver Peoples Riley-R OV5004 Review
    The Oliver Peoples Riley-R OV5004 Review


    Oliver Peoples is known for their anti-label designs and quirky vintage styles. When looking at a Peoples frame, sometimes it can be hard to identify whether they are or aren’t Oliver Peoples frames however that’s the beauty of the brand.

    The mysterious identity of the brand sparks curiosity. Everywhere people are talking about this stunning optical model.

    Why? Well, apart from the model’s classic good looks and stunning design, the eyewear is bang on trend and only ever worn by the most elite celebrities. The Oliver Peoples Riley is a slim,

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  10. The Ray Ban RB5228 2012 In Dark Havana

    Click Here To Buy The Ray Ban RB5228 2012 In Dark HavanaWhen it comes to buying optical frames, everywhere people love to buy spectacles that have been worn by celebrities.

    This tells us two things; that the frames are popular, and that the frames are fashionable enough to be seen in. These frames belong to a brand that is well known for its popularity with the celebrities. Everybody loves a pair of Ray Bans.

    This post is a review on the Ray Ban RB5228 which happens to be one of the company's best-selling optical frame this year. The elegant tortoise shell design is the people's favourite choice for this model, topping the usual colour choice of black. The tortoise shell effect gives the glasses a timeless look that would suit people who appreciate simple, classic eyewear styles.

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  11. Chanel 3213 In C501 Black Frames Review
    Chanel 3213 In C501 Black Frames Review

    Fashion house Chanel since launching their eyewear collection in 1999 are becoming more known and respected in the fashion eyewear industry. The label, created by Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel back in the 1920s, initially made hats and fragrances. Now more popularly known for the clothing line and bags as well. Since the company Luxottica teamed up with the brand and released the eyewear the collection is becoming another popular accessory that consumers are demanding from the brand.

    The Chanel 3213 C501 Black frames are a popular selling pair of optical glasses and fit perfectly in with the brand’s style.

    Simple and elegant. Coco Chanel’s views on fashion were to keep it minimal and classic and this is why all of the pieces are timeless. If you was to pick up a Chanel product made from any decade it would not give away which one it was actually produced in. Though the products are consistently fashionable and trendy they give the impression that it

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  12. The Oakley Currency OX8026 02 In Flint Review

    Click Here To Buy The Oakley CurrencyIf you are looking for advanced sports eyewear, this may be the ideal brand for you.

    Founded in 1975 by Jim Jannard, Oakley is now an internationally-recognised brand with high-profile clients such as professional athletes and world-class sportsmen and sportswomen as well as people who are very active. This company creates eyewear that helps to enhance the wearer's sports performance.

    The Oakley Currency OX8026 02 In Flint ReviewThe Oakley Currency is one of the brand's best selling prescription frames. The key benefits of the Currency glasses are durability, flexibility, comfort/fit and design.

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